Freeman launches innovative pop-up eCards

When Freeman Vladislav Dobrokhotov couldn’t find a suitable digital Valentine’s card for his wife, he decided there must be a gap in the market. Inspired by the concept of children’s pop-up books, he experimented with 3D web design and set about creating his own range of eCards.

Create your own eCards

The result is It sells 3D pop-up eCards that are easy to customise and send. Each greetings card takes only three clicks to create. You select your theme(?), customise it with your design and background colour, and add your message. And, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to say, igreetu has inspirational quotes for all kinds of greetings, from birthday and anniversary wishes to congratulations and ‘thinking of you’.

Vlad (whose day job is Director of the British and Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce in Finland) started off by offering a range of free 3D digital cards. This freemium initiative soon gained popularity and it didn’t take long for the site to serve several thousand users per month.

In summer 2020, Vlad decided it was time to start monetising the site. So he raised investment, employed a development team to build a professional online shop, worked with a designer to introduce a new brand look, and created a range of eCards offering thousands of designs. Launched in January 2021, the site sells a licensed range at €3 per eCards (around £2.50), the standard range at €1 per eCards (around 85p), and a selection of free eCards.

Brand vision

An important part of igreetu’s brand vision is to help friends and family maintain their close relationships and build even stronger bonds. The eCards do this by making it easy to stay connected and by enabling people to create fun custom designs that they know the recipient will love to receive.

The result? Colourful, joyful eCards that the sender has created themselves and that their friend or relation is delighted to open.

B2B service to help corporates stand out from the crowd

In addition to the consumer range of 3D eCards, igreetu offers corporates completely bespoke eCards, enabling them to keep in touch with their customers in an engaging new way. Businesses simply upload their logos and their own images to create 3D pop-up eCards that not only match their corporate identity but are 100% their own design.

It’s an innovative way to stay connected with clients, to promote new services or products, to send invitations, and to recognise milestones or achievements. For a one-off annual fee, businesses can send as many of their bespoke eCards as they want to customers, suppliers, prospects and employees over the course of a 12-month period. 

Vlad says: “To the best of my knowledge, igreetu is the only service offering companies the ability to create and send their own range of fully bespoke eCards. And the fact that they are layered to create a 3D pop-up effect means their customers will be wowed when they open their email. It’s a great way for a company to create stand-out email campaigns and to build brand loyalty.”

New revenue stream for agencies

It’s not just marketing departments within corporates who can benefit from igreetu’s bespoke eCards. Marketing agencies, design studios and digital marketing companies can offer the design of the 3D  pop-up eCards as a totally new service, and so create a new revenue stream as an igreetu reseller.

igreetu intends to capitalise on this current gap in the eCards market and aims to become the world’s leading electronic greeting cards platform. Marketors, watch this space!

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