Why Has Nobody Ever Told Me This? Initiating Sustainability & Success In SMEs

Marketors' Past Master Dr Glyn Cartwright recently delivered a free  online lecture as part of the Lord Mayor's City briefing series. 

The title was 'Why Has Nobody Ever Told Me This? Initiating Sustainability & Success In SMEs.'

For those interested, a recording of the presentation is now available to view by clicking the link HERE.

After conducting extensive research during his MBA studies at the Open University in 1992 and later pursuing a PhD at Sheffield Hallam University in 2022, Dr. Glyn Cartwright delved into the intricacies of training and development programs tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). As he delved deeper into his research, he increasingly noticed a frustrating void in the provision of pertinent evidence for SME professionals and leaders who participated in these courses. The crux of the issue lay in the overwhelming abundance of business information provided, which regrettably resulted in a limited comprehension of the subject matter and seldom inspired students to implement these insights in their respective domains.

This stark contrast became evident when comparing Dr. Glyn Cartwright's experiences with the two Erasmus programs and UKCES initiatives he had authored and delivered in both the UK and Europe. These programs consistently motivated delegates to implement interventions within their businesses, thereby enhancing their prospects for success. The primary goal of Dr. Cartwright's research was to pinpoint the necessary changes required in SME training programs to empower leaders in comprehending their present situations and exploring potential future avenues.

The outcomes of this research were not only intriguing but also somewhat surprising. The most frequent feedback Dr. Glyn received throughout his research journey echoed a common sentiment: "Why has no one ever shared this information with us before?"