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The Worshipful Company of Marketors is a modern livery company for marketing professionals, founded in 1975 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 2010.

The Worshipful Company of Marketors is the 90th in the City of London Roll of Livery Companies, which now number 110. Thirty two ‘Modern’ Livery Companies have been created since 1926, reflecting the evolution of new professions, all with a significant role to play in the conduct of modern-day business within the City of London. These newer companies generally only draw their membership from within the profession they represent.

The Marketors Company is a unique community which enables marketing professionals to enrich their lives and careers through fellowship, connections and experiences, together with the opportunity to give back.

Our members are marketing professionals who demonstrate they have achieved, or are on their way to achieving, mastery and excellence in marketing and who align with our purpose. They come from a wide range of organisations and backgrounds including global and UK business brands; digital, creative, media and advertising agencies; the public sector, 3rd sector and voluntary interest groups, consultancies and academia.

Our founding principle is “marketing benefits everyone”. We believe in the power of marketing to deliver economic and social good. Our Company aims align with the four ‘Cs’ of livery life and our values are inspired by the ancient but enduring ‘rules for life’ for Freemen of the City of London with an emphasis on integrity, excellence and the wellbeing of others as well as self.

The four Company Aims align with the four ‘Cs’ of livery life:

Marketors AIMs and Objectives

The Company is governed by its Royal Charter & By Laws and its Ordinances.

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