Chris Griffin began mentoring Lenny Leemann in 2017 having been matched through the Worshipful Company of Marketors Mentoring Programme. Chris’s background is in brand and structural packaging design for global brands, charity support, property and trust management. Whilst Lenny was keen to get his idea for Mamoq an ethical online fashion marketplace up and launched.

Chris’s experience and Lenny’s enthusiasm proved a good match, as Chris says: “I am enjoying the process of mentoring Lenny - a bright guy who has worked really hard to get this sustainable online outlet up and launched at the end of last year. He is now applying for crowdfunding of £150k to build the venture.”

Lenny certainly sees the value: “It is going really well. Chris is an amazing individual and is always ready to meet/talk/help. I could not be happier with the match and am so thankful that I was suggested for this Programme. I would eagerly suggest that anyone, who would benefit from mentorship by a leader in their field, should apply. The support and critical feedback that a mentor can provide is absolutely invaluable for both personal and professional growth.”

If you feel you would benefit from being mentored through the Worshipful Company of Marketors Mentoring Programme, please contact Peter Rosenvinge on 07905 903403 or by email .

Chris G

Above: Chris
Below: Lenny