Three key issues that marketers should focus on in 2015

While it’s widely held that marketing directors should concentrate on a plethora of things, Andrew Marsden, Master of the Company provides insight by selecting the three issues he believes are key for 2015.

Published in Marketing magazine his article expands on his chosen theme ‘Building valuable brands’ ”.

In summary the three issues Andrew believes marketing directors should focus on are:

  1. With a primary role to build shareholder value it is the role of marketing to build brands and profess it in the boardroom
  2. Few social sites actually make money for their public shareholders. New media is neither new, nor a media it is just another channel. Five years after the floodgates opened the marketing value of much of this remains questionable.
  3. Given we have a much wider range of communication channels at our disposal how do we get the best from our agencies, integrate our activities and get greater holistic creativity when we are working with too many narrow specialisms and specialists?

Andrew believes we need to make a dynamic move into an era of marketing based on the core values of the brand.

Click here to read the complete Marketing article published 24th February 2015

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