Studio434 Visit Saturday 5th October 2019

For car enthusiasts the visit to Studio 434 was like going to the automotive version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – there were more cars than you could ever have dreamed of from the slightly weird and wacky to the most beautiful vintage and high powered performance cars there was something to interest everyone.

The tour kicked off with a brief history of Studio 434 and its owner the group was then able to peruse the cars at their leisure, looking under bonnets, getting behind the wheel and finding out more from out very knowledgeable tour guides Luis and Jed.

After a couple of hours we departed in convoy for the next leg of our tour, this was at the ultra modern, high tech storage facility just a few minutes drive away. After a quick pitstop where we refuelled on a fine spread of sandwiches – we explored two floors packed with cars including the Rolls Royce featured in the epic biog of Elton John Rocket Man to a DeLorean, a car which became iconic for its appearances as the time machine in Back to the Future (picture to follow).

Without being there it's hard to truly explain just how mind blowing the visit was; which is echoed in this quote from one of the Marketors  'my guests and I were overwhelmed by the number and range of cars on display'.

After several hours we departed with dreams of winning the lottery to purchase one or more of the fantastic cars we had been privileged to see at what must be one of the largest private collections of cars in this country if not the world.

1. (Above) A bevy of Rolls-Royces

2. A 1962 Jaguar E Type S1 FH Coupe under the spotlight

3. The Master and Frank Auton discuss the merits of a 1966 Citroen DS21 Decapotable

4. The Master drives a half-scale Ferrari 250 California

5. Simone Davies sat in a DeLorean Liveryman and Event Organiser

(Photos: Matt Trowbridge)

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