General Data Protection Regulation Update from Ardi Kolah and Prof Bryan Foss

As of Monday 15 June 2015, the Council of Ministers has given its clearest signal yet that it looks to reach agreement on GDPR by the end of the year. As a Regulation it will have immediate effect on all 28 EU Member States after the two-year transition period and does not require any enabling legislation to be passed by governments.

What this means is that the Council of Ministers has political agreement on the basis of which it can now begin negotiations with the European Parliament with a view to reaching overall agreement on GDPR by the end of the year.Negotiations with the European Parliament and the European Commission start as planned on 24 June 2015.

Marketors Ardi Kolah LLM FCIM and Prof Bryan Foss have prepared a short paper providing a good synopsis of the Regulation, outlining the main features of GDPR and what Companies and Organisations should do now to prepare for life under GDPR.

To read the paper please click here 

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