Marketors’ Outreach project for the African Science Academy

The Worshipful Company of Marketors' Outreach programme has been honoured to set up a successful marketing skills transfer project for the African Science Academy (ASA), based in Tema, Ghana.

The ASA is a new, girls-only Advanced Level residential school for maths and science, opened by the African Gifted Foundation in 2016. The African Gifted Foundation is a charity led by African and UK executives and educational experts determined to provide an opportunity for Africa’s gifted children to develop their full potential in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). The ASA offers globally respected Cambridge International A Level qualifications in maths, further maths and physics. Partnering with world class organisations with recognised expertise in mathematics and computing enables the ASA to deliver to its students a unique educational experience and pathway to undergraduate study and future careers in Engineering, Science, Computing and other opportunities.


The Marketors' Outreach skills transfer project, led by Freeman Nicola Chapman, has enabled the ASA to improve its marketing skills leading to better communication with potential students, providers of undergraduate courses, job opportunities in Africa and, of course, funding partners who provide the vital financial support at all stages of the progression.

One remarkable element of the ASA’s many achievements can be seen by focusing on the on ASA class of 2017/18. With only 24 students selected each year after an extensive selection process of hopeful candidates from many African Nations, the students in each annual intake study the normal two year course of Cambridge A-Level qualifications of maths and physics in just one year. Most of the 2017/18 class achieved A*- B grades in all three subjects. In the first year, 40% attained full scholarships to study at top universities around the globe. The results even got better in the second year as the 100% received university offers with 95% of them gaining full scholarships. ASA girls have been placed in top universities like Edinburgh University, Minerva University, Ashesi University, African Leadership University and Academic City College. Most of the scholarships the girls attained were awarded by the MasterCard Foundation. In a span of two years, the ASA has received 2 Maths awards and 7 recognitions from the British Council Partner Schools Global Network (PSGN) Awards. Academically, this is a phenomenal outcome but there are other aspects of the ASA course to also be considered.

The ASA is focused on more than just developing their students academically. Their mission is to raise visionary leaders who will play a significant part in Africa’s beautiful transformational story. While in the Academy, the girls learn to be ambitious, appreciate diversity and aspire to excellence. They are also empowered and encouraged to be innovative in all their works. The ASA fosters a caring community where students show care not just to one another but also to the community around them. The girls give back to the community by teaching Maths and Science to the children in the community basic school.

The Worshipful Company of Marketors' Outreach programme has committed itself to providing marketing support to the ASA as an ongoing project. As we all know, any organisation’s marketing objectives and challenges will evolve as time goes by. One thing for the near future is that the first group of ASA students will soon graduate. These new ASA Alumni members will be a powerful and inspirational force to influence and encourage future generations of students to want to be part of this incredible ASA programme and to also help play a significant part in social, educational and commercial advances in Africa.

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