Chairman: Liveryman Philippa Seal

Email: outreach@marketors.org

The Outreach programme is the means by which the Marketors provides charitable and good cause organisations across the UK with “pro bono” marketing consultancy delivered by Outreach volunteers. These Outreach projects can include helping to define and adapt an organisation’s marketing objectives, advising on all aspects of marketing, sharing ‘best practice’ and enabling skill transfers to individuals in the “client” organisation. Outreach projects can include elements of strategic or tactical marketing planning, communications strategies, advising organisations on their own fundraising activities and creating or evolving a brand identity. No Outreach project is ever the same, the variety of organisations and their locations can be seen at https://www.marketors.org/charity/outreach/case-studies

Outreach beneficiaries have included registered charities of all kinds, educational establishments, good cause organisations that exist to provide practical help that seems in short supply from elsewhere and even the charitable elements of other Livery Companies. The Marketors’ proven ability and willingness as a Livery Company to provide our marketing expertise and best practice in a well proven, structured way is much appreciated by the recipient organisations, as confirmed by their comments in the project completion document.

The Outreach programme does not compete with fee charging marketing providers. Outreach’s role is to advise and support those good causes, of all sizes, who need professional marketing support while having little or no marketing expertise or budget for marketing.

Outreach volunteer marketing consultants, called “Outreach Directors”, participate by donating their time and their expertise for projects that are pre-defined in writing and assisted by Outreach Committee members. Outreach Directors advise and support the organisation’s people who do the marketing work, so they can continue to implement plans when the Outreach project ends. Some Outreach projects can be delivered with as little as ten hours’ volunteer support, spread by arrangement with the client, over weeks or months. This enables all Marketors, at whatever stage of their marketing careers, to contribute some time as an Outreach programme volunteer to help others. When Outreach Directors put something back into the wider community, many are surprised by the privileged access that they enjoy to a wide variety of charitable causes across the UK.

Each year Outreach Directors provide good causes with thousands of hours of structured Outreach project support. Please help us to do even more by finding out how you can become a volunteer on the Outreach programme. Good cause organisations across the UK contact the Outreach programme for help - one could be waiting for a volunteer like you to help them improve their marketing activities. To apply, simply email outreach@marketors.org

Perhaps you know a local worthy charity or cause that could benefit from improving its marketing with some free advice from the Marketors’ Outreach programme? Do let us know – again, the initial contact is outreach@marketors.org

Committee Members: 

Liveryman Philippa Seal (Chair)
Richard Bernholt (Secretary)
Graham Storey (Vice-Chair, PR and Communications)
Phil Rothfield (Vice-Chair, Outreach Volunteers)
Middle Warden Glyn Cartwright
Chris Griffin
Gina McAdam
Sunila Lobo
Ian Moore (Outreach Hours Co-ordinator)
Peter Rees
Alex Glen

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The Marketors' Outreach programme has been asked to assist in an Outreach marketing support project for space2grieve which brings together an experienced team of local Bereavement Support specialists.

Beyond Food Foundation

Beyond Food Foundation

The Marketors' Outreach programme has been asked to assist in an Outreach marketing support project for the Beyond Food Foundation. Beyond Food are a charity providing training and support to people who have been impacted by homelessness, mental health, addiction, those with a criminal record or who are at risk of homelessness.

Outside Edge Theatre

outside edge

The Marketors' Outreach programme has been asked to deliver an Outreach marketing support project for the Outside Edge Theatre Company (www.edgetc.org), the UK’s only theatre company and participatory arts charity which focuses on addiction.