Beyond Food Foundation

Beyond Food Foundation

The Marketors' Outreach programme has been asked to assist in an Outreach marketing support project for the Beyond Food Foundation. Beyond Food are a charity providing training and support to people who have been impacted by homelessness, mental health, addiction, those with a criminal record or who are at risk of homelessness.

Beyond Food’s programmes focus on getting people into fulfilling and meaningful employment, thus breaking the cycle of homelessness, unemployment and poverty. Beyond Food’s solution is based around simple, good food, cooking it and serving it. Beyond Food aims to inspire people to begin the process of developing skills and attitudes that can become the foundation for their work and life for the future.

Beyond Food brings freshly cooked food into the lives of vulnerable people as it plays a crucial role in helping individuals to stand on their own two feet. Learning the basics of cooking, equips people in identifying building blocks to create lives full of purpose. Good food, kitchen skills and harnessing a sense of vitality, lay the groundwork towards helping individuals to contribute and belong in society.

Beyond Food is immensely proud to play a crucial role in supporting and educating vulnerable adults across all London boroughs, who have been at risk of or have experienced homelessness, to enable them to gain meaningful employment. Each year, Beyond Food supports over 100 people through its programmes, those beneficiaries have multiple and complex barriers to overcome including health problems, addictions, lack of housing and dependency on benefits. Low self-esteem, lack of confidence and lack of hope, opportunity and purpose exacerbate most of these practical difficulties. Beyond Food has devised innovative programmes as a sustainable way to make a real and lasting difference to its beneficiaries’ lives.

The Outreach marketing support project for Beyond Food is being managed by Liveryman Peter Rosenvinge with Outreach committee support from Liveryman Peter Rees with a supplementary Outreach marketing education project requested by the client being defined, planned and resourced before being rolled out.

The Worshipful Company of Marketors’ Outreach Programme matches “good cause” organisations needing pro bono marketing support with one or more appropriate members of the Marketors, from Freemen to Past Masters. Outreach’s professional management approach helps document, define and time limit the marketing support, delivers our members’ marketing expertise and helps the “good cause” organisation to make their own improvements.

Many members of the Marketors based across the UK and elsewhere want to donate some personal time to help deliver some charitable marketing back into society. Outreach enables that activity. If you would like to help a good cause, regardless of where it is in the UK or overseas, please contact