Marketors' Outreach Programme completes marketing support for St Bride's website

St Brides Church

The Marketors' Outreach programme has completed an Outreach marketing support project to help develop and revise the website for St. Bride's Church in Fleet Street in the City of London. St Bride’s is a parish church serving those living and working around the church in the City of London. As one of the most historic sites in London and finest of Wren’s churches, it is a popular attraction for tourists and visitors. St Bride’s is also a thriving Christian community, a peaceful place of prayer and a home for world-class music, faithfully served by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers.

St Bride’s association with printing began in 1500 when Caxton’s apprentice, Wynkyn de Worde, relocated his printing press here, and it grew as the emerging profession of journalism established its national base within our parish. The news industry may have moved from the Fleet Street of today, but St Bride’s remains the spiritual home of all in the news and media industries. The attacks on press freedom and on individuals striving to bring us the truth is greater than ever and our ministry to journalism never more important.

As the church of the communications industry, there is a natural affinity between St Bride’s and the Worshipful Company of Marketors – one of the city’s modern Livery companies, dating from 1978. Since its foundation, the Marketors’ Company has held its annual Thanksgiving service at St Bride’s each May, and our relationship is both close and mutually beneficial: the Marketors have, on occasions, given us invaluable support and advice in the fast-changing world of marketing and publicity.

The Outreach marketing support project for St. Brides was managed by Liveryman Nicholas Kokkinos and Court Assistant John Wheen.

The Worshipful Company of Marketors’ Outreach Programme matches “good cause” organisations needing pro bono marketing support with one or more appropriate members of the Marketors, from Freemen to Past Masters. Outreach’s professional management approach helps document, define and time limit the marketing support, delivers our members’ marketing expertise and helps the “good cause” organisation to make their own improvements.

Many members of the Marketors based across the UK and elsewhere want to donate some personal time to help deliver some charitable marketing back into society. Outreach enables that activity. If you would like to help a good cause, regardless of where it is in the UK or overseas, please contact