Lead Almoner: Past Master Sue Garland Worthington OBE

We provide, first and foremost, a confidential befriending service to any Marketor who is facing life’s most difficult times such as illness (physical or mental), bereavement, unemployment, relationship breakdown or loneliness. Whether you are directly affected or caring for someone who is going through it, we are here to support you.

While not professional counselors we can provide a listening ear, a phone call from time to time or a visit. You can be put in touch with the Chaplain (there are no religious or faith pre-requisites) and with the Marketors’ Trust, which can provide financial assistance to Members and their dependents ‘in necessitous circumstances’.

Armed Forces & Cadets

Chairman: Past Master Andrew Cross

For centuries, it has been the tradition of City Livery Companies to form links with units of the Armed Forces. For many years our company has maintained strong links with 151 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, London’s only logistic regiment.

More recently we adopted the Combined Cadet Force at St Dunstan’s College in Catford and entered into an affiliation with HMS ST ALBANS, the last of the Type 23 frigates built for the Royal Navy, based at Portsmouth.

As well as supporting a variety of fellowship activities, outreach and donating prizes to our military partners, events attended and planned each year include Officers’ Mess Guest Nights, Subalterns’ Evenings, Capability Exercises at Sea, contingent dinners, cocktail receptions, curry evenings and extensive professional military briefings.


Chairman: Past Master Sue Garland Worthington OBE

The Awards Committee encourages, recognises and rewards marketing excellence through academic awards and bursaries funded by the Marketors’ Trust. The Committee also works to increase awareness of marketing and its key role in business success, particularly in the City of London, through initiatives funded by the Company.

Communications and PR

Chairman: Liveryman Karl Weaver

The objectives of the committee are to inform the membership, the City, professional marketers and professions related to Marketing about the Company and its activities. It provides expertise in internal and external communication, aiming to ensure the Company is seen as an exemplar in marketing communications within the City and the membership.

The committee is responsible for all aspects of marketing and communications, including the collection, editing and distribution of content through our website (, social channels and the Marketor magazine. We also produce and maintain our Brand Guidelines and other items of print, and ensure we have an effective Public Relations programme.

Court Nominations

Chairman: Past Master Andrew Marsden

Our role is to identify from the Livery future leaders of the Company including those who may eventually become Wardens and Master. We interview nominees and make recommendations to Court which makes the final decision. Membership of this committee is decided by Court.

Education & Knowledge Development

Chairman: Court Assistant Michael Lynch

This Committee supports the successful development of marketing practitioner and educational leadership and excellence through activities including stimulating discussion and debate between Livery Companies, business leaders and the wider marketing profession.


Chairman: Liveryman Martin Ashton

Our role is to promote and deliver the Master’s programme of events for the Company. We are responsible for ensuring the various events that take place are well organised and financially controlled.

As such, this committee does much to provide real added value to members, fostering fellowship and encouraging those new to the Company. The committee also supports events initiated by the following committees: Fellowship, Education & Knowledge Development, Law & Marketing and Armed Forces & Cadets.

Fellowship Committee

Chairman: Liveryman Simon Leadbetter

The committee’s aim is to ensure new Freemen are welcomed into the Company and to guide all Freemen towards taking the Freedom of the City and consider applying for the Livery. Fellowship explains the aims and structure of the Company and the routes to fuller involvement within the wider Company and beyond.

We encourage and facilitate all Freemen and Liverymen of the Company to engage in Fellowship, being a distinctive feature of any livery company.


Chairman: Liveryman Timothy Keen

We preserve the history of the Company by collecting, annotating and cataloguing the written and visual records covering all aspects of the Company’s activities year by year. This includes making a digital copy of these documents and images, which can be accessed by contacting our Archivist, Jay Chinnadorai.

In addition, we are responsible for preserving and maintaining the Company’s ‘Treasure’. Much of this was generously presented to the Company in its formative years by Founder Members, with later gifts from other donors. To find out more about the Treasures, download the recently produced 'Treasures of the Worshipful Company of Marketors’. Members can login and download.

Law & Marketing

Chairman: Liveryman Jeremy Stern

Our aim is to consider the impact that planned UK and European laws will have on our members and the industry in general. As part of this role we will work with the marketing industry/professional bodies, e.g. ASA & ISBA to support their efforts for moderation and change, and publish articles, hold events or conferences as appropriate to communicate relevant content to members.


Chairman: Court Assistant David Elmer

The Livery Committee has the responsibility to mentor Freemen through the process of becoming fully "clothed" Liverymen. We work closely with our Membership and Fellowship committees to encourage and assist our new, and not so new, Freemen to progress to full membership of our Livery Company, with the additional privileges this brings.

The Marketors' Trust (Independent from the Company)

Chairman:Court Assistant Phil Andrew

The Marketors’ Trust is a registered charity and independent from the Company, while being closely associated with it. It is governed by a board of Trustees. Its objectives are:

  • The relief of any current or former member of the Company (and their dependants) who is in ‘necessitous circumstances’.
  • The education of persons connected with Marketing.
  • The awarding of grants to charitable organisations connected with marketing or education.
  • Any other charitable purpose, particularly connected to the City of London.

Mayoralty & City

Champion: Past Master Dr David Pearson

We work to raise our members’ awareness of the Civic City and promote participation in civic affairs. We encourage our Freemen to attend City Briefings and Liverymen to vote in the annual elections for the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs. We actively seek ways in which the Company through its members can add value to the City and Livery.

The Committee also serves as the liaison with the Financial Services Group. This grouping of 13 City Livery Companies, representing financial and other business services, supports the Lord Mayor and Aldermen with industry briefings for overseas visits or receiving business delegations, in promoting ‘The City’ brand and corporate social responsibility.


Chairman: Court Assistant Keith Rowland

Our purpose is to recruit candidates for the Freedom of the Company and recommend them to Court for election. We organise Prospective New Members' evenings and Interview candidates to ensure they understand the benefits and obligations of joining the Company.

Professional Mentoring Programme

Chairman: Court Assistant Peter Rosenvinge

This Programme is designed specifically to support both future and established marketing leaders with guidance and support through regular mentoring. We have built an excellent range of experienced mentors from within the Marketors, covering a wide range of marketing sectors, but need to recruit more mentors following a successful drive for mentees. 2019 saw the Programme grow considerably, partly from new partnerships with the CIM’s Levitt Group and also the University of Greenwich. 2020 started with an enlarged Committee with ambitious plans. In terms of the process, prospective mentee candidates are considered and, if successful, the matching process with mentors begins. Mentoring and support is then given over a pre-determined length of time, not longer than one year. It is also hoped the candidates are left with positive feelings towards our Company as well as having a better insight into livery life.


Chairman: Liveryman Philippa Seal

Outreach is part of the “Giving Back” aim of our Company. We help good causes such as Charities, City Livery Companies and Educational establishments to fulfil their strategies through confidential marketing advice from volunteer WCM Outreach Directors.

Clients are often looking for increased membership, sponsors or income. Outreach Directors research the clients’ needs and produce project reports on the way forward. We also undertake brand development, marketing workshops and communications plans.

Outreach Directors benefit not just from a sense of altruism but through building marketing experience in new sectors which is enjoyable and can broaden a CV. This exciting Committee supplies around 2000 hours of charitable support each year. Committee Members meet four times a year and also act, on rotation, as Match Makers, taking a brief from our clients and approaching a Member to be an Outreach Director.

St Brides

Chairman: Court Assistant John Wheen

As the Parish Church for media, marketing and advertising, our relationship with St Bride’s is a strong one. The Reverend Canon Dr Alison Joyce is our Company’s Chaplain as well as being Rector of St Bride’s.

St Bride's professional choir makes the Marketors' two annual services particularly special. Look out for the Rededication Service in the Spring and the Carol Service at Christmas for memorable choral performances.

Whilst there is no committee, members can participate with St Bride’s in several ways. Members volunteer to serve at St Bride’s, for example through stewardship, by staffing the shop, stuffing envelopes and tidying up after events and services. It’s a great way to meet new people.