Funded by The Marketors’ Trust. The Company’s bursaries support activities and research projects of a quality likely to advance marketing education or the practice of marketing.

Communications and PR

The primary aim of the Communications & PR Committee is to inform the membership, the City, professional marketers and professions related to Marketing about the Company and its activities.

Fellowship Committee

In marketing terms, the Fellowship Committee manages and supports the ‘Customer Journey’ from prospect to enthusiastic advocate of the Worshipful Company of Marketors. Its role is to work closely with Membership & Livery to welcome new Freemen and support Freeman to becoming Liverymen, as well as encouraging fellowship between members.

St Brides

Since the establishment of the Worshipful Company of Marketors in 1975 there has been a strong link with the Church of St Bride’s, Fleet Street. St Bride’s has been the parish church for all in the media world for many years, and extends a warm welcome to all those who work in marketing, advertising and PR to join in worship and to visit the Church when in London.

Law & Marketing

We help to steer Company Members through the legal minefield of key EU and national laws and regulations. In addition, the Committee also examines whether the marketing profession is upholding the ‘spirit’ of what the law intended by embracing ethics, principles of fairness, respect for the individual and upholding the highest standards of professional conduct expected in our profession.


Many members of the Marketors want to help worthy causes with personalised pro bono marketing as a way of giving back the experience they have personally gained from being the professional marketing element within businesses or organisations. The Outreach programme does just that and more. Without needing to be part of the core committee, individual Outreach programme volunteers, as Outreach Directors, engage at senior level with charitable organisations across the UK to provide a marketing perspective, guidance and help with planning marketing activities


The Heritage Committee preserves, via its archivist, the history of the Company on a continuous basis by collecting, annotating and cataloguing all the written and visual records covering all aspects of the Company’s activities year by year.

Armed Forces & Cadets

Traditionally over many centuries the City Livery Companies have supported the Armed Forces. Our Company has formed a link with 151 Regiment The Royal Logistic Corps, St Dunstan’s College Combined Cadet Force and HMS St Albans.


This committee promotes and delivers a co-ordinated events programme on behalf of the Company. It is responsible for ensuring that a wide variety of events are offered and that all are well organised and financially controlled.


We are charged with building the membership of our Company, both recruiting and interviewing potential candidates. We conduct the interviews and make recommendations to the Court for the admission of members.

Education & Knowledge Development

The committee harnesses the considerable practical, academic and experiential knowledge within the Marketors. Our mission is to promote research, discussions and debate.

The Marketors' Trust

The Marketors’ Trust is a charity; its objectives include inspiring excellence in marketing education, supporting good causes, particularly connected to the City of London, and caring for our own by assisting Company Members (and their dependants) who may find themselves “in necessitous circumstances”.


The Livery Committee has the responsibility to steward our Freemen through the process of becoming a fully “clothed” Liveryman. We work closely with our Membership and Fellowship Committees to ensure we assist and encourage our new, and not so recent, Freemen to take the step to move up to what being a member of a Livery Company is actually all about..


We provide, first and foremost, a confidential befriending service to any Marketor who is facing life’s most difficult times such as illness (physical or mental), bereavement, unemployment, relationship breakdown or loneliness. Whether you are directly affected or caring for someone who is going through it, we are here to support you.

Court Nominations

Our challenge is to identify from the Livery future leaders of the Company including those who may eventually become Wardens and Master. We interview nominees and make recommendations to Court which makes the final decision.

Professional Mentoring Programme

This programme is designed specifically to support both future and established marketing leaders with guidance and support through regular mentoring. Selection to be mentored is by invitation only and members of our Company can recommend individuals they feel suitable.