Welcome to the Worshipful Company of Marketors

This year, I want us as Marketors to ENJOY everything we do, to ENGAGE more us with you our members and you with us, and whilst doing this to reflect on the impact we have made and the experiences we have had.

This philosophy is not only for my year as Master of the Worshipful Company of Marketors, but is transferable into all of our lives! Let me explain why...

Success is something that many people strive for, but the path to success can often feel overwhelming and daunting. Many people may focus solely on the end goal, without taking the time to enjoy the journey along the way. However, it is important to remember that success is not just about achieving a specific outcome; it is about the process of getting there. In order to truly be successful, one must enjoy, engage, and embrace the journey towards their goal.

The first key to success is to enjoy the journey. This means finding joy in the daily activities that contribute to your overall goal. Whether it is studying for a test, practicing a skill, or working on a project, it is important to find joy in the process. When you enjoy what you are doing, it becomes much easier to stay motivated and stay on track. Additionally, when you enjoy what you are doing, you are more likely to stick with it even when faced with obstacles or challenges.

The second key to success is to engage fully in the process. This means being present and fully engaged in the tasks that you are doing. When you are fully engaged in the process, you are able to focus your energy and attention on what you are doing, which can help you to be more productive and efficient. It is important to stay focused on the task at hand and not get distracted by other things.

The third key to success is to embrace the journey. This means being open to learning, growth, and change along the way. Success is not just about achieving a specific goal; it is also about the personal growth and development that comes from working towards that goal. When you embrace the journey, you are able to see the value in the process, even if things don't go exactly as planned. You are able to learn from your mistakes and failures, and use that knowledge to make better decisions moving forward.

In order to truly be successful, it is important to enjoy, engage, and embrace the path towards your goal of success. By finding joy in the process, staying fully engaged in the tasks at hand, and being open to learning and growth, you can achieve not just success, but also personal fulfilment and satisfaction.

So, the next time you set a goal for yourself, remember to focus on the journey, not just the destination.

Dr Glyn Cartwright, Master Marketor


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