The Archive of Market and Social Research

When it comes to deciphering history, wasn’t it Churchill who reflected that ‘those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’? Indeed, one of the recently concluded projects of the Marketors Outreach Committee, aimed at ensuring teachers have access to the market and social research needed to prepare their A-level lessons in British history, may go some way to addressing this threat.

Between February and June 2023, Liveryman Jarmila Yu took on the role of Outreach Director supporting the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR) charity as they launched a campaign targeted at UK schools, offering access to “living, searchable, digitised archives” containing thousands of survey reports from the 1960s onwards. Jarmila’s advice would help AMSR to develop an integrated marketing campaign outline to launch the archive and drive-up awareness, registration, and usage of the resource in schools.

Jarmila says, “I reviewed the AMSR’s plan, provided ideas, participated in the agency briefing, and reviewed the campaign promotional assets/messaging. I also connected them to the head of history at a leading independent school for end user feedback on the product and campaign.”

She also promoted the campaign to contacts in her own “little black book of educators” to help spread the word.

The process Jarmila undertook is a template for the successful Outreach Director.

“We agreed the focus of that aid to support their objectives. We then swiftly got to work. Virtual calls allowed us to meet easily. Everything was done over zoom and email. All in all, there was 4.5 hours of advisory work from my side involved. We covered a lot of ground.”

Feedback from the AMSR leaves no doubt of the project’s success. Says Ian Brace of the AMSR, “Jarmila has helped the Archive of Market and Social Research (AMSR) charity enormously as pro bono advisor on behalf of The Worshipful Company of Marketors, helping us to create a marketing campaign to schools. Her guidance throughout has been informed and detailed…We would not have managed that without her. She was always available to us and is a delight to work with.”

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