Academic Awards and Bursaries

The concept behind the Marketors' awards is to showcase the Company as being at the forefront of raising standards within the marketing profession.

The Educational Awards fall into three distinct categories:

  • 1. Business School Awards

    We aim to reward outstanding learning by annually inviting a select number of leading UK Business Schools to submit a Project/Paper produced by a student from their Marketing Masters programmes/MBAs. The Education Committee then make a valued judgement on the quality of the submission and make Awards to the students who have produced the work.

  • 2. The Marketing Academy Awards

    Our aim to improve the quality of marketing teaching in our Business Schools is recognised throughout our Awards to the Marketing Academy (the Marketing faculty association) for the “Teacher of the Year” and for the best Research Paper submitted by a marketing academic.

  • 3. Schools Business and Enterprise support

    We are recognising the importance of making marketing a secondary school topic by supporting a Business and Enterprise competition in a leading City Based School. We intend to progress this initiative by opening up this sponsorship to other Schools, both State and Private, that have close links to the City of London.

Recent Award Winners

This years Business School awards were presented to the winners at Mansion House in December 2021.

Adam Bissmire-Mullen

Adam Bissmire-Mullen MSc

The Marketors’ Trust awarded Adam the Cranfield School of Management Award in recognition of his dissertation: Engaging the C-Suite: An Exploration of Executive Engagement Strategies in Complex Business-to-Business Environments.

Adam's findings reveal that account-based marketers (ABMers) can offer support through executive research, customised marketing assets, and thought leadership. He concludes that thought leadership is considered the most effective way of engaging the C-suite.


Dr Helen Thompson-Whiteside

Dr Helen Thompson-Whiteside

The Marketors’ Trust awarded Dr Helen Thompson-Whiteside the University of Portsmouth Award for Sisters are Doing it for Themselves, a thesis on the self-promotional work women undertake as they seek professional advancement.

The major finding of the research was that, despite an increasing expectation that professionals should market themselves, prior studies suggest women resist self-promotion. The thesis found women to be active in marketing themselves, but this causes them stress and invokes a negative reaction from others. Instead, it is our workplaces and not women that need to change.


Harrison Smith MA

Adam Bissmire-Mullen MSc

The Marketors’ Trust awarded Harrison Smith the University of Westminster Award in recognition of his dissertation: Creativity in Digital Advertising

Harrison’s research examined the need for creativity in an advertising world that is shifting from traditional to digital methods. Past research has explored creativity in advertising in depth but since digital advertising allows for a far higher level of targeting, measurement and effectiveness it might be argued that there is less need for attention grabbing creativity. Results showed this not to be the case.


Reina Victoria Roriguez Requejo

Reina Victoria Roriguez Requejo MBA

The Marketors’ Trust awarded Reina Victoria the University of Cambridge Judge Business School Award in recognition of her dissertation: The Value in Purpose and Sustainability for Corporates: WPP and the Triple Bottom Line.

Victoria’s paper explores the importance for businesses to embrace sustainability in their brands and invest in purpose-driven activities. However, sustainability and purpose must be embedded in the whole organisation and communicated effectively to maximise social and stakeholder value. This offers up an avenue to reposition marketing as a force for good