Red Rose School

Wherever there is a Marketor, there is an opportunity for better marketing to do good things for good causes. One of the Marketors, operating in Nairobi in Kenya is working with the Marketors Outreach team to define and provide marketing support for the Red Rose School of Nairobi which provides primary education for children in the second largest urban slum in Africa. The slum has a population of about 700,000 people comprising nearly all the 42 tribes in Kenya, the majority of the slum population live on close to $1.25 a day.

Currently, the school has over 400 primary pupils enrolled in the program. The students come from all neighbourhoods of the slums, forming an ethnically, socially and economically balanced student body. The school offers a full range of primary school education, admitting children from kindergarten to grade eight (before they head off to high school).

Red Rose primary school offers a unique mix of core subjects, as well as extra-curricular activities, such as performing arts, scouting, music lessons, beadwork and soccer. The school has its own fair share of challenges and solutions. There is a feeding program in place whereby the school provides break and lunch (Monday-Friday). Most of these students can’t afford decent meals back at home thus relying on this daily ration. These feeding services also help in making sure that the pupils are in school and don’t skip lessons due to hunger.

The Outreach marketing support project for the Red Rose School is being defined and managed by Liveryman Andrew Pound with Outreach committee support from Liveryman Dr Sunila Lobo.

The Worshipful Company of Marketors’ Outreach Programme matches “good cause” organisations needing “pro bono” marketing support with one or more appropriate members of the Marketors, from Freemen to Past Masters. Outreach’s professional management approach helps document, define and time limit the marketing support, delivers our members’ marketing expertise and helps the “good cause” organisation to make their own improvements.

Many members of the Marketors based across the UK and overseas say they want to donate some personal time and marketing skills to help deliver some charitable marketing back into society. The Outreach programme enables that activity and records the Outreach activities of individual members. If you would like to help a good cause, regardless of where it is in the UK or overseas, please contact

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