After the joy of Mothering Sunday, which offset the challenges of Lent, Marketors’ Chaplain Canon Dr Alison Joyce found Passion Sunday on 21 March to be a time of deep introspection.

In her St Bride’s sermon, she found the day to be preparation for Good Friday. Whilst Resurrection is the basis of Christian faith, we first need to contemplate death – which can mean addressing the negatives in our lives. Alison illustrated this through her own experience. She once felt haunted by things she had done. Through contemplation, she realised this was due to pride and deep-seated insecurity.

She was able to recognise what within her needed “nailing to the Cross” so that she could share in Resurrection. It also made her realise that we all must embrace the gifts of God in this life whilst we can.

In closing, she quoted a Celtic Death Prayer, “O God, give me of Thy Wisdom”.

From Palm Sunday, St Bride’s will reopen to the public and provide full Holy Week and Easter services. For those unable to attend, online coverage will continue. These are the services which Marketors can attend in person:

Palm Sunday 28 March: 11.00am Choral Eucharist, 5.30pm Choral Evensong

Maundy Thursday 1 April: 6.00pm Choral Eucharist

Good Friday 2 April: 12.00 – 3.00pm Three Hours’ Devotion

Easter Day 4 April: 6.00am Dawn Service - Said Eucharist, 11.00am Choral Eucharist, 5.30pm Choral Evensong

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