Chaplain Alison’s Formula For Life

Marketors’ Chaplain The Reverend Canon Dr Alison Joyce discusses love, reward and punishment in her St Bride’s sermon for the sixth Sunday of Easter (click here).

Many people believe Christianity requires you to be good - with the prospect of being punished if you’re not. However Alison suggests, it’s actually about love. 

To illustrate, she recalls her earlier life. Surprisingly, she admits to having been “lazy, insolent and unmotivated” as a teenager. Maths were her anathema. She was always in the bottom grade.

But then a patient, kind maths teacher supported and encouraged her. She made it to the top grade! In the next school year though, she was taught by a highly-qualified teacher – who was also feared for his severe attitude and who returned her homework with contempt. Alison developed a block on maths which lasted for years.

She emphasises that God loves us for who and what we are and gives us true freedom from the shackles of fear, anxiety, anger, envy and despair.

Love counts, not reward and punishment. 

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