Chaplain Alison Comforts Pandemic Helpless

If you’ve ventured out at 8.00pm on a Thursday, you’ll know what it’s like to join your neighbours in celebrating the inspirational work of NHS, Care and Support workers. For they are the ones on the front line, defending us from the life-threatening excesses of Covid-19. And many, suffering from viral overload, are themselves becoming infected.

In her sermons and prayers for Sunday 19 April (click here to listen online), Marketors’ Chaplain The Reverend Canon Dr Alison Joyce addresses the feelings of weakness we feel when relatives and friends become ill and offers us comfort. 

As she says, “We live in dark and difficult times at present and many of us know feelings of helplessness in the face of the suffering of those whom we love or for whom we have a duty of care.

So, thanks be to God for all those who offer us the inspiration and the hope to keep going whenever we feel tempted to despair. And to help keep the life giving love of Christ burning in our hearts.”

Alison suggests that a new poem, “Easter 2020” by Malcolm Guite, gives hope to those devastated by being kept apart from sick loved ones, whilst also being faced with locked places of worship. Alison offers us this poem (click here for full text) as comfort and inspiration in the face of our distress. 


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