151 Regiment VE Day

151 Regiment - VE Day Zoom Service

Our affiliate regiment 151 Royal Logistics Corps took some time off their frontline duties helping the NHS, to pause and celebrate VE Day. I was honoured to be one of the invited guests and to represent the Marketors’ Company.

Brainchild of Regimental Padre Captain Stu Hill under the leadership of 151’s Commanding Officer, Lt Colonel Debs Taylor, attendance numbers far exceeded expectations and over 140 individuals, including the 151 Veteran Community joined the service alongside some of their families and friends. We came together on Zoom to share a quiet moment of remembrance. The service was led by Padre Captain Stu Hull.  There were a number of readings, prayers, and time for silent reflection.

The Gathering

We meet in the name of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose will it is that wars may cease, and all people know his peace. Seventy-five years ago Winston Churchill announced to the people of the United Kingdom, that the war in Europe was over.

Earlier in the day (at 10.10hrs precisely)  I was treated to a close-up view of the low-flying Red Arrows and their red, white and blue plume, making their way in formation towards Buckingham Palace. One of the few treats of a lockdown life! Amen to that.

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