2020/21 Webinar Content & Replays

To support his theme of "Marketing - Leading from the front" Past Master John Farrell developed an excellent collection of online events. All these events were recorded and can be accessed below.

Please note these resources are for the exclusive use of members of the Marketors and should not be shared with people who are not members.  

Authentic Multiculturalism in Marketing – Law in Marketing Event

In this event we examined critical factors in how Marketing content needs to change to reflect the diverse society in which we live. Chaired by Liveryman Vanella Jackson, we heard from a panel of top agency and brand experts covering

  • Context: Branka Orosnjak and Steven Lacey looked at the make-up of our modern society and importance of key sub-sectors.
  • Compliance: Liveryman Jeremy Stern discussed the latest rules relating to diversity in marcomms and how the ASA are policing the changes since the Black Lives Matter campaigns, and what ASA rulings and complaints have been received.
  • Content: Peter Souter, Chris Kenna and Alison Palmer showcased examples of good and bad examples of the way in which different cultures are covered in mainstream marketing campaigns and gave pointers for all of us to consider.
  • Conclusion: What does it mean for me? Top three tips from the speakers.

Get Uncomfortable about Inclusion & Diversity: a perspective from Accenture

In this event chaired by Senior Warden Trevor Brignall and Accenture Interactive Managing Director Jill Hughes. Liz Barnsdale (European lead for Inclusion and Diversity, Accenture Interactive) was joined by Ayomide Akin (Digital Strategy Manager) and Paul Howlett (Management Consulting Principal Director) to talk about the philosophy that is driving the I&D change programme in Accenture Interactive. They gave a unique insight into the innovative programmes that have challenged/are challenging the status quo and the subsequent step change it is driving in getting the business to become a place where ALL can realise their full potential and achieve their aspirations.

Brandsplaining: why marketing is still sexist and how to fix it -

In this exclusive event for the Worshipful Company of Marketors Jane Cunningham and Philippa Roberts, the authors of ‘Brandsplaining: Why Marketing is still sexist and how to fix it’ discussed some of the key findings from their book. They highlighted their deeply researched and challenging insights into how marketers currently target women and why this needs to change to fully reflect 21st century women’s lives. The event was introduced and chaired by Liveryman Roz Morris.

Conscious Capitalism and what does it mean for Conscious Marketors

Timothy Henry, one of the co-founders of the Conscious Capitalism movement, is the co-author of “The Conscious Capitalism Field Guide: Tools for Transforming Your Organization” and co-hosts The Conscious Capitalists Podcast. He has served as a Trustee of Conscious Capitalism Inc. for 12 years. In this exclusive event for the Marketors hosted by Roz Morris, Managing Director of TV News London and Liveryman of the Marketors, Timothy Henry presents on how Conscious Capitalism works in practical terms and the role of marketing in Conscious Capitalism and answers questions from his audience of marketing experts. Timothy’s purpose is to catalyse and coach leaders and organizations to accelerate the journey to becoming Conscious Capitalist organisations.

Sound Business - Why audio branding is so important in marketing

In this exclusive event for the Worshipful Company of Marketors our Master, John Farrell, introduces Liveryman Julian Treasure who presents one of the most exciting and engaging talks you will ever hear. Turn the volume on your device up to “high”, and expect some intriguing insights, with a few creative surprises! Liveryman Julian Treasure has pioneered audio branding for 17 years. He’s also an extraordinary speaker, with five TED talks that have been viewed over 100 million times, and the author of the books ‘Sound Business’ and the award-winning ‘How To Be Heard’. In this fascinating talk, Julian revealed (and demonstrated) how sound affects us all, including our brand relationships and our purchasing decisions. He explained why we don’t listen (with serious consequences for both business and society); and showed how to prepare for the imminent audio revolution, by mastering the essentials of audio branding.

The Marketors Debate July 2021

On the 8th July 2021 The Marketors debated the following motion: 'This House believes that the marketing community should oppose the possible tightening of rules on advertising and promotion restrictions that will apply to foods that are high in Fat, Sugar and Sodium (“HFSS”)’. The debate was chaired by Liveryman Simon Leadbetter.

Supporting the motion were Phil Smith, the Director General of ISBA, who represents UK advertisers who have the most to lose from the restrictions, supported by Liveryman Jeremy Stern, CEO of leading marketing compliance agency, PromoVeritas, who in his time has marketed Flora, decaffeinated coffee and the Tesco Healthy Eating range.

Opposing the motion were Liveryman Karl Weaver who in his time at Vizeum and Isobar has had many food clients, and Past Master David Pearson who started his career in the food industry first with Mars, and then Pillsbury, marketing and selling many sugary products.