2020/21 Webinar Content & Replays

Leading the company through Covid and to support her belief in "The power of marketing to deliver economic and social good’" Past Master Lesley Wilson was the first Master to develop a comprehensive set of online events. All these events were recorded and can be accessed below.

Please note these resources are for the exclusive use of members of the Marketors and should not be shared with people who are not members.  

A Fireside Chat With Alderman and Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli

The current Aldermanic Sheriff of London is Professor Michael Mainelli who is also an Honorary Liveryman of our company. Having served as Sheriff, Michael will be eligible for election as Lord Mayor in the near future. His company Z/Yen is the City of London’s leading commercial think-tank and venture firm, which he co-founded in 1994 to promote societal advance through better finance and technology. An accomplished author, he has published over 40 journal articles, 150 commercial articles and four books.

The Immediate Past Master Lesley Wilson interviewed Michael to find out, among other things, what the role of Aldermanic Sheriff of London entails, how this has been impacted through the pandemic and his views on what the future holds for the City, the economy, the livery and marketing.

Lt Col Deborah Taylor - 151 Regiment’s contribution to the COVID Support Force

Lt Col Deborah Taylor, from 151 Regiment our military affiliate, tells us about 151 Regiment’s work in the COVID response (Operation Rescript) and about the broader work of 151, the motivations of the reservists to join and the challenges they face.

Applying Virtual and Augmented Reality to the Brand Experience

In this video for the Worshipful Company of Marketors guest speaker James Simpson from the Lightmongers and Liveryman Omaid Hiwaizi talk about the Reality of Augmented Reality in 2020.

How to Look Even More Professional Online

As Zoom becomes the norm for conducting business and attending job interviews, Liveryman Roz Morris gives her tips and tricks on how to appear your best for your next virtual meeting.

Future Proof Your Marketing Career

In this video for the Worshipful Company of Marketors Kate Harrison, a partner at the Savannah Group, tells you how to future proof your marketing career.

Market segmentation

In this lecture for the Worshipful Company of Marketors Liveryman Professor Malcolm McDonald and Liveryman Dr. Charles Doyle talk about Market Segmentation - still the bedrock of successful marketing.

Past Master Dr Keith Arundale - Accessing entrepreneurial finance

In this talk for the Worshipful Company of Marketors Past Master Dr. Keith Arundale talks about accessing entrepreneurial finance. This talk covers venture capital, business angel finance, crowdfunding and corporate VC.

Planning and facilitating successful virtual meetings and presentations

In this video for the Worshipful Company of Marketors Liveryman Rebecca Hill & the Beadle James Hasler tell you how to plan and facilitate successful virtual meetings and presentations.

Six actionable steps to producing financially quantified value propositions

In this exclusive video for the Worshipful Company of Marketors Liveryman Professor Malcolm McDonald leads us through the six actionable steps to producing financially quantified value propositions.

Strategic marketing planning

Court Assistant Keith Rowland of the Worshipful Company of Marketors takes us through his course on Strategic marketing planning as taught to CIM Diploma students.

"Unprecedented Times" – Marketing Case Studies from COVID 19

"Unprecedented Times” – Marketing Case Studies from COVID-19. This is a recording of a Marketors event from the 28th May 2020 led by Liveryman Rhian Pamphilon, with insights from Liveryman Raoul Pinnell and Court Assistant Karl Weaver. Scrutiny on brand values, threats to survival, honouring the needs of their customers – just a few of the issues which marketers have been dealing with through this human-centred crisis.

Rhian, Raoul and Karl posed a number of questions, observations and case studies, including:

  • A good or bad crisis for our most loved brand, the NHS? Raoul shares his views.
  • How should brands respond to the COVID-19 crisis, and what do they need to do to succeed in the future? Karl’s perspective on actions needed for brands to navigate the crisis.
  • Managing B2B through the crisis – keeping focus on people while mobilising at scale. Rhian shares insights from Accenture’s approach.

Professor Malcolm McDonald: The state of the marketing profession - past, present and future

Liveryman Professor Malcolm McDonald's presentation to the Worshipful Company of Marketors on "The state of the marketing profession- past, present and future" delivered on 19th May 2020. The presentation is introduced by Master Lesley Wilson.

How to use Twitter, and why it is a critical business tool

Liveryman Dr Annmarie Hanlon on "How to use Twitter, and why it is a critical business tool"

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Digital Marketing, produced by Liveryman Peter Rees, for the Worshipful Company of Marketors.