Webinar content & replays

Over recent years our company has produced a wide range of online seminars and events. These have covered interviews with world-renowned marketing leaders, presentations from industry experts, training and development seminars alongside passionate debates. You can access recordings of these events here. All future online events will be recorded and added to the site.

Please note these resources are for the exclusive use of members of the Marketors and should not be shared with people who are not members.

2022/23 Webinars

Master Trevor Brignall and his Events Committee have arranged a number of excellent online events this year. The first online event was a discussion on "The Metaverse - What does it mean for business?" by our Honorary Liveryman Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli. All future online events will be recorded and added to the 2022/23 Webinars page

Click here to watch replays of the 2022 online events

The Marketing Leader Series

Past Master John Farrell was Master in 2021/22. The theme for his year was Marketing - leading from the front. To support his theme he introduced a series of interviews called "The Marketing Leader Series", which allowed the Company to hear from five of the most admired marketing and business leaders in the world about what has made them and their businesses so successful. The Master interviewed Sir Martin Sorrell, Alan Jope, Baroness Lane Fox of Soho, Eric Nicoli and Steve King.

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2021/22 Webinars

Throughout Past Master John Farrell's year there was a range of events to support his theme of Marketing - leading from the front. These included the following presentations "Authentic multiculturalism in marketing", "Get uncomfortable about inclusion & diversity: a perspective from Accenture Interactive", "Brandsplaining: why marketing is still sexist and how to fix it", "Conscious capitalism and what does it mean for conscious Marketors", "Sound business - Why audio branding is so important in marketing" and "The Marketors' Debate on advertising and promotion restrictions applying to foods that are high in Fat, Sugar and Sodium".

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2020/21 Webinars

Past Master Lesley Wilson's inspirational leadership of the company as Covid first hit was amazing to see. She rapidly pivoted her approach to the whole year and pulled together a set of online webinars that provided interest, education and excitement and fostered fellowship across our whole company.

These included the following presentations "A fireside chat with Alderman and Sheriff Professor Michael Mainelli", "151 Regiment’s contribution to the COVID Support Force", "Applying virtual and augmented reality to the brand experience", "How to look even more professional online", "Future proof your marketing career", "Market segmentation", "Accessing entrepreneurial finance", "Planning and facilitating successful virtual meetings and presentations", "Six actionable steps to producing financially quantified value propositions", "Strategic marketing planning", "Unprecedented times – marketing case studies from COVID 19", "The state of the marketing profession - past, present and future", "How to use Twitter and why it is a critical business tool" and "An introduction to Digital Marketing".

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21st century marketing - Cambridge Judge Business School - Cambridge, 7th September 2018

For this 21st Century Marketing Conference Master Richard Christou, the Worshipful Company of Marketors, Cambridge Judge Business School and Fujitsu put together a team of leading academics, technologists and marketing practitioners who examined the possibilities generated by the new developments in ICT and suggested how marketers can make best use of them.

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