The Marketors' Trust Information

The Marketors’ Trust is the Company’s linked charity (Charity registration number 272339). It is funded entirely by the generosity of past and current members. Last year the Trust distributed around £75,000 to a range of charitable causes. More recently, the Chair of The Marketors’ Trust, Court Assistant Phil Andrew, and the Trustees have been looking at a new giving strategy to build further on the wonderful work of the Trust to date.

A survey of all members last Autumn on what you would like the Trust to focus on generated responses from nearly half the membership, with suggestions that the Trust’s priorities should include creating opportunities for people who struggle to access marketing as a career, supporting apprenticeship schemes and to look at larger, longer term giving rather than a lot of smaller awards. There were also multiple suggestions to focus on an area ‘we can own or lead’ rather than just being one of many donors. There was also a strong emphasis on increasing our annual giving amounts rather than building up reserves any further. The Trustees have taken this feedback and built it into a 2022-23 plan that will see giving compared to previous years altered as follows:

  • Expansion of the very successful Marketors’ Charity Marketing Grants programme, run for the first time last year. This marked our first venture into a giving initiative created and executed jointly by the Company and the Trust. In 2021 this funded £20,000 of grants to five charities to undertake marketing activity and was a huge success. In 2022 we are looking to substantially increase this funding. We believe this is a concept we can own, which combines support for the disadvantaged with promoting the benefits of marketing.
  • As seen with the giving recently for Ukraine and the Trussell Trust we will continue to be open to giving to carefully selected humanitarian causes.
  • Expansion of giving to long term youth projects. As an example we are looking to expand our partnership with Unloc, a youth enterprise charity.
  • Investigating the options to work with an external partner to fund (but not run) apprenticeships.

We will still continue much of our more traditional giving:

  • Support to the City, Mayoralty, Master’s Choice and members’ fundraising requests
  • Armed services donations to be made within limits of our charitable objects
  • Marketing industry donations.

  • We will also of course continue one of our core remits to provide hardship grants as necessitated by member requests through the Company almoner. These plans will be developed over time and will be modified as necessary depending on performance of investments. The general rule of thumb we are working on is to keep a minimum reserves balance of £650,000 to ensure we are covered in the event of significant investment volatility and to ensure long term sustainability of the Trust. None of this giving however would be possible without the continued generosity of our members. If you would like to contribute or to increase your contribution, please download a Direct Debit Form here or contact Phil Andrews