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The Worshipful Company of Marketors is the 90th in the City of London Roll of Livery Companies, which now number 110, with a further Company awaiting the award of livery. The number is likely to grow as new Guilds are being formed wishing to eventually progress to livery status. 32 ‘Modern’ Livery Companies have been created since 1926, reflecting the evolution of new professions, all with a significant role to play in the conduct of modern-day business within the City of London. These newer companies are more able than the older Livery Companies to draw their membership only from within the profession they represent. The Marketors was formed as a Guild in 1975 and we celebrated our 40th anniversary in 2015. A Royal Charter for the Worshipful Company of Marketors was approved at a meeting of the Privy Council held in Windsor on 12th April 2010.There is a close relationship on a personal and professional level between the Worshipful Company of Marketors, the Chartered Institute of Marketing and other marketing organisations, which are all entirely independent. Read more about our history.

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Welcome From The Master Of The Company, Richard Christou

“It’s an enormous honour to be elected Master of the Marketors Company for 2018. I want to do my best to give the Company an interesting and entertaining programme for 2018, to help advance our chosen profession and the name and fame of the Company, but above all to be a good steward who hands over the Company to his successor in at least as good a state as he found it.

My theme for the year, reflecting my own background in information technology is 'The 2020 CMO'. How will the new technology change the practice and profession of Marketing? How will the CMO’s role change as a result? How should the CMO respond to the risks and opportunities thrown up by the new technology? What strategies will make the most of opportunities while minimising risks?

The rate of change is so rapid that focusing on today is too late and even the midterm future almost impossible to predict. To get a clearer view, the focus will be on 2020, when today’s emerging technologies will have matured and the bleeding edge technology of today will already be in general use by early adopters.

The Master’s Consort, Tasoulla Christou, composed an Anthem (Psalm 150: Praise ye the Lord), for choir, organ and solo trumpet, as a gift to the Worshipful Company of Marketors for performance at the Company’s Rededication Service on 15th April 2018. The performance was a World Premiere, and, although Tasoulla retains the copyright, the Anthem is available for both the Company and St Bride’s to perform in future whenever they wish. To hear the Anthem click here.

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