Brigantes – The City of London Liverymen in the North


We were asked to design and produce a new corporate identity for the City of London Liverymen in the North, a group of Liverymen who live outside of London and cannot attend functions in the capital on a regular basis, but still want to maintain an active role in the Livery movement and meet and network with their neighbouring Liverymen. They call themselves the Brigantes, after the ancient Celtic tribe that existed in northern England before, and during the Roman invasion of Britain. Over 1,200 Liverymen from the same northern areas are connected with the current City Liveries, and up to 250 are expected to attend the upcoming inaugural ‘Brigantes Breakfast’ banquet in Manchester.


Corporate branding, logo, name style and brand usage directions.


Before creating the branding, we researched the fascinating history and culture of the Liverymen, an organisation steeped in rich tradition and heritage, known for its integrity, ceremony, and quality.  Our communications needed to reflect both the City of London, as well as having a distinct northern feel.

The Brigantes occupied an area stretching from Liverpool to Hull, taking in much of what we now know as Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and the north east, and was centred in Yorkshire. The colours of the Brigantes Liverymen have historically been defined by the red and whites of the houses of York and Lancaster, with their call to order, the traditional Yorkshire folksong “On Ilkla Moor Baht ‘at” (On Ilkley Moor without a hat). All of these elements played a key role in designing the new identity of the Brigantes Liverymen.


We produced two initial design and concept stages, then after some consideration, we agreed upon the final design. This was then produced in various high-resolution formats for reproduction across all media, together with usage guidelines.


The Brigantes aim to bring all Liverymen together, and bridge the gap between London and the north. Despite being held in Manchester The Brigantes Breakfast, has received wide support from the City, and City-based members of the Livery movement; the Late Lord Mayor, Alderman Dame Fiona Woolf and Sir David Wootton (Lord Mayor 2011/12), will be speaking, the Late Sheriff Adrian Waddingham is part of the organising team and Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow has given his full support to the event. Interest in becoming a City of London Liveryman has already risen as a result of the event, which has been supported in no small part by Marketors’ inspirational new branding.

The identity was created, designed and managed by Andrew J Cross, Liveryman of The Worshipful Company of Marketors, and Chairman of the Marketors PR & Communications Committee.

Andrew is also Managing Director of Zuzumi Ltd. (