BHIT (Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust)


Our initial task was to discuss with BHIT the various ways of going through a name change, as it was felt that Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trusts was not an easily remembered name and that it did not clearly identify the aims of the Charity.

After much discussion it was agreed that a platform of name options would be the initial stage and that we would provide assistance in rolling the agreed name and route out across all media.

We were also asked to take into consideration the fact that the Charity was not totally focused on bicycle helmets and that “safe cycling for young people” was the priority.


Name options (taking into consideration the fact that they had to be web-available)

Brand origination, to include the logo, name-style, Brand Book and Brand guidelines.


After considerable sector research we presented the client with a range of names to be considered by the committee.

It was agreed that the charity would adopt the new name “Cycle-Smart” and that the charity would be renamed as The Cycle-Smart Foundation.


The agreed concept was then taken to a complete creative presentation for submission to the committee.

On agreement of the presentation and the creative route we created all master digital images and a Brand Book, providing guidelines for the Brand usage over all media.

We provided BHIT with a complete package that enabled them to launch Cycle Smart in November 2014 to an extremely warm reception.

As Cycle Smart is a charity, it is important that all future branding, marketing collateral and brand uses are availably to them with minimum cost. With this in mind we procuced a library of images, logos and digital files.

Areas of involvement:

Over the period we addressed and provided solutions for:

  • Origination and development of the new name.
  • Creation of the brand logo.
  • Development of the Brand statement.
  • Development of the Brand colours and typography.
  • Preparation of the Brand Book (Brand guidelines).
  • Conventional brand applications (stationery suite etc).
  • Display branding and signage.
  • Website concept to include the creative and copywriting.


Changing the name of a brand – or in this case, a charity has to be treated carefully in order to retain the existing supporters and maintain the perceptions of the target audiences.