Worshipful Company of Engineers

The Marketors Outreach programme provides free of charge marketing advice to those looking for marketing improvements in good cause organisations. One such good cause is a Trust set up by the Worshipful Company of Engineers which had assets of about £250,000 to promote careers, innovation and excellence in engineering. By the end of 2018, the Trust’s assets were £1.5Million and it was able to distribute £120,000 in the year to help achieve the same objectives. Impressive but how?

Image: Owlstone Medical being presented with their MacRobert Award certificate (following receiving their £50,000 cheque at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Awards Ceremony) at the Worshipful Company of Engineers’ Awards Ceremony at Plaisterers’ Hall in July.

Between 2012 and 2013, two Marketors worked with the team running the Engineers’ Company Charitable Trust to help develop a marketing strategy that was tailored to the Trust’s own objectives, resources and ways of working. Those two Marketors were Professor Helen Woodruffe-Burton and Peter Rees, both Liverymen of the Marketors. Together they listened to what the Trust wanted to achieve and got an understanding of the challenges involved in promoting engineering careers, both as experienced by and perceived by the team running the Trust.

Some careful thought by the Marketors about the marketing needs, options and possible means of delivery led to the Engineers and Marketors working together as a team. Establishing key objectives then led to defining and then focussing on a number of effective marketing activities. These objectives included re-branding to ‘The Engineers Trust’, marketing the Trust to the members of the Worshipful Company of Engineers and marketing the Trust to potential recipients. And finally, but not least, identifying the outcomes of individual awards made by the Engineers’ Trust and how the Trust might develop in future.

Following these planning and building stages, members of the Engineers’ Company started to see a series of publications providing information including the Trust’s activities, donating to a trust, legacies and tax implications. To focus attention on the work of the Trust, its own website was created within the Worshipful Company of Engineers digital footprint. Please have a look at http://engineerstrust.org.uk/

Because engineering covers such a wide range of associated but distinctly different activities, the Engineers’ Trust has identified a number of different engineering areas in which the Trust encourages, publicises and provides recognition for engineering advances. These range from manufacturing engineering research, to the engineering challenges in the water industry, to life enhancing medical engineering advances and to innovative ways to maximise the availability of military systems in demanding operational theatres. All of these types of engineering innovation deserve to have their profile increased, generating increased interest from potential and current engineers and allowing examples of engineering excellence to be highlighted.   

The Engineers’ Trust, started 7 years ago, has certainly been growing in what it can deliver. The Master of the Worshipful Company of Engineers, Professor David Johnson, said “Originally the Trust’s awards were very engineering activity related, providing prizes for achievement in specific areas that had been historically significant to the Livery Company. Now, awards reflect a greater desire to support young people entering engineering, to fund research and to reward real excellence. A proportion of new awards involve mentoring people in their chosen area of engineering. Because engineering is a dynamic profession with many new challenges for engineers to find solutions for, we are matching those changes by evolving the work of the Trust, often in conjunction with other leaders in the industry such as the Royal Academy of Engineering.

For the future, we aim to grow the assets of the Trust to £100M by 2083 which will be the centenary of the Worshipful Company of Engineers’ founding. As they did when we set up the Trust, we know that the Worshipful Company of Marketors are ready to provide their expertise whenever we chose to call on them”.