The Almoners provide, first and foremost, a confidential befriending service to any Marketor who is facing life’s most difficult times such as: illness (physical or mental), bereavement, unemployment, relationship breakdown or loneliness. Whether you are directly involved, or caring for someone else who is going through it, we are here to support you. At any time we are typically in touch with 15-20 people.

We are not professional counsellors but we can provide a listening ear, a phone call from time to time or a visit. We can put you in touch with the Chaplain (there are no religious or faith pre-requisites) and with the Marketors’ Trust, which provides financial assistance to Freemen, Liverymen and their dependents ‘in necessitous circumstances’. This has been one of the purposes of the Trust from its inception and sits alongside its other objects of supporting education and charitable work.

We ask all Freemen, Liverymen and their partners to look out for members who might be in need and especially to inquire about friends and contacts who you haven’t recently seen or heard from. You can contact the Clerk, any of the Almoners or any member of Court if you want to tell someone in confidence about your own difficulties or about someone else who needs the hand of friendship.