In her sermon for Mothering Sunday, Marketors’ Chaplain Canon Dr Alison Joyce described the significance and types of mothering we need and receive to fufil our lives.

We all have a biological mother who may have been wonderful or with whom perhaps we had a difficult relationship. She gave us the gift of life.

We also have the Mother Church. Some of us grew up in it and never left. Others were new to it. Some were comfortable to stay within it and some did so through a sense of duty.

Some found it a constant challenge – there were instances of children being failed by the Church in the way that a real mother can fail.

However there is a difference between an individual Church and the Church of God. The latter is always there for us, as is the love of God.

The Church of England has a duty of care for everyone within a parish. Whatever your belief or none, Alison is there to advise and give help and solace to all. It’s a basic principle of the boundless acceptance of God.

Most of us in our lives will have been mothered by someone who isn’t our biological mother. At a time when we need love and support someone can be there - and to help us go out into the world again to meet our challenges. On Mothering Sunday, we remember that the Church is a place of nurture, refreshment and renewal – a community of love and service.

But how do we judge if our Mother Church is a good one? Alison felt it depended on us, the kind of people we are. Christian Educator Craig Dykstra said “People cannot be introduced to, or incorporated within, a repenting, praying and serving communuity unless there is one”. Love is costly, but more life-giving than any other force in nature.

Alison concluded by wishing us all a very Happy Mothering Sunday!

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