For centuries, it has been the tradition of City Livery Companies to form links with units of the Armed Forces. For many years our company has maintained strong links with 151 Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps, London’s only logistic regiment.

More recently we adopted the Combined Cadet Force at St Dunstan’s College in Catford and entered into an affiliation with HMS ST ALBANS, the last of the Type 23 frigates built for the Royal Navy, based at Portsmouth.

As well as supporting a variety of fellowship activities, outreach and donating prizes to our military partners, events attended and planned each year include Officers’ Mess guest nights, Subalterns’ Evenings, capability exercises at sea, contingent dinners, cocktail receptions, curry evenings and extensive professional military briefings.

Chairman: Immediate Past Master Andrew Cross

Committee Members:

Susan Rawlinson (Secretary)
Andy Robinson (Vice Chairman Navy)
Middle Warden
Alex Conabeare
Keith Rowland
David Cowell
Bryan Foss
Stewart Shuttle
Michael Smeeth
Helen Owen (Vice Chairman St Dunstan's)
Mike West (Vice Chairman Army)
Mark Westaby

Ex Officio Committee Members

CO 151 Regiment RLC
Liaison Officer 151 Regiment RLC
Liaison Officer HMS ST ALBANS
Head of Army Section and Corps of Drums, St Dunstan’s College

We are part of the Company’s Aim Three:

‘Giving back both financially and in-kind, and making a contribution to the development of marketing.’

4.5 Image: 4.5
Astute Class Sub Exercising with Astute class submarine, West Coast of Scotland
Estonia Guard of Honour Estonia Guard of Honour
Merlin Launch Merlin launch and upper deck MK 44 Minigun during Escort duty
Russian Slava Escorting Russian Slava class cruiser Marshall Ustinov through English Channel