You’d batter believe it – the Marketors’ pancake racing team was flipping marvellous

In the 16th Inter Livery Pancake Races on February 25 at Guildhall, the four-strong team from the Worshipful Company of Marketors came home with a worthy winner. Congratulations to Liveryman Alex Conabeare who won the final of the Liverymen’s Race and also took part in the Victor Ludorum 'Finals of the Finalists' Race. He won us the Harvey Peebles Cup by coming in a very close (photo finish) second place.

All contestants have to run two lengths of the Guildhall Yard, tossing their (real and wafer thin) pancakes once on the outward leg and once on the return. The Marketors’ team comprised Master Lesley Wilson (Masters’ Race), Liveryman Alex Conabeare (Liverymen’s Race), Liveryman Des Clark Noble (Ladies’ Race) and Liveryman Martin Ashton (Novelty Race).

The Poulters provided the 720 eggs needed to make all the pancakes (they were also served at lunch), the Gunmakers fired the starting pistol, the Fruiterers provided the lemons, and the Glovers provided the white gloves worn by the participants.

The Marketors’ team was cheered on by the Clerk John Hammond, the Beadle James Hasler, Middle Warden Trevor Brignall, Liveryman Ray Perry, Freeman Marcus Harris and Court Assistant Carole Seawert.

The event raised money for The Lord Mayor's Appeal, which aims to create ‘a better city for all’.

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