Touring the British Airways Speedbird Heritage Centre

Thirty-one Liverymen, Freemen and their guests have enjoyed a tour of the Speedbird Heritage Centre at BA HQ near Heathrow. Over 400 uniforms from the 1930s to the present day are preserved as well as a large collection of aircraft models and a historically important collection of photographs. Also available is probably the most complete set of aviation posters in the UK.

Marketors received a talk from Jim Davies of the Speedbird Centre. He talked through the gestation of British Airways from the embryonic start of commercial flying in 1919 and the creation of Imperial Airways in 1924 to the present day. Chris Brown of the BA Brands Team explained the background to the development of the British Airways Brand over the last 5 years. Senior 777 Flight Captain Tim Byatt told the Marketors about his career from trainee pilot to flying today’s most modern jumbo aircraft.

The British Airways Speedbird Heritage Centre is definitely worth a visit and you can read much more about this event in Marketor Spring 2016.

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