The Year in Pictures (1)

To help round off the year I thought I would share some pictures. They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Well in the first half of the year I wrote 32,000 words in my blogs and here are 42 pictures, so it’s near enough.

January Installation

The Master-Elect takes his vow of office
The Immediate Past Master congratulates the incoming Master

The Immediate Past Master presents her jewel to the Master’s Lady
The 2016 Court
The Master with new Freemen
The Master and his Lady

The Master starts the Loving Cup Ceremony
The Master thanks Sir Chris Powell

February British Airways

BA museum, Waterside
Master David Pearson and Flight Captain Tim Byatt

Marketors team, Pancake Day Races. Junior Warden Phil Andrew, running for the Master, won the Master’s race.
One Extra Day - Outreach group relax in the Master’s garden


Giles Long MBE shares his Paralympic Gold winning experiences
City walk below, on & above the Thames - Under the Thames

Greenwich Park

April Spring Lunch

Master & Wardens with new Liverymen
Master & Master Actuary, Information Technologist, Grocer, Plaisterer, Tax Adviser, Insurer, Carman

Grocers’ Hall
Liveryman Elizabeth Corley CBE thanks on behalf of the Guests

The Master thanks Elizabeth Corley CBE

May The Annual City Lecture in the Shard City Lecture

The Shard
Sir Ian Cheshire with Event Director Liveryman Karen Jones

Sir Ian Cheshire takes questions
Sir Ian Cheshire takes questions

June Common Hall

Roger Harrop delivers the Livery Professional address
Ironbridge Weekend

Jailed & Bailed - The Masters have all been convicted by the Sheriff of grievous and heinous crimes
The Master is chained and taken off to the Tower

The Masters escorted to the Tower
The Master gets bailed from the Tower of London

July Golf Day

Verulam Golf Course, site of Golf Day
Verulam Golf Course

Liveryman the Rt Hon Theresa May MP becomes Prime Minister
Banquet to the Lord Mayor, the Rt Hon Lord Mountevans, Mansion House - The Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress inspect the St Dunstan’s Carpet Guard

The Master receives the Lord Mayor
The Master, the Lord Mayor, the Sheriffs and their consorts

The Lord Mayor engages in conversation with the Master’s son, Andrew
The Master starts the Loving Cup Ceremony

The Master’s Lady enjoys the Post Horn Gallop
The Master thanks the Lord Mayor

The Master takes a stirrup cup with the Lord Mayor, his first in 8 months!

I’ll post the second half next week.

Acknowledgements. Photos from our great events are by our official photographer, the excellent Ben Fisher.

Others by members including some of my own.

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