The Master receives an Honorary Fellowship from the Marketing Society

The Master, David Pearson has received the highest recognition from the Marketing Society and can be seen receiving his Honorary Fellowship, at the Gherkin, from Martin Glenn, the President of the Society who is also Chief Executive Officer of the Football Association. The Master, has been a member of the Marketing Society since 1978 and was elected Fellow in 1995. Honorary Fellowship is the highest accolade to be awarded by the Marketing Society and recognises outstanding contribution to business.
The Marketing Society is an international network of senior marketers with hubs in London, Edinburgh, Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai, with New York and New Delhi on the horizon. Their vision is to become the leading global network for senior marketers with hubs in 10 major cities by 2020.They aim to inspire bolder marketing leadership through world-class thought leadership programme and also by:

  • Providing ammunition and evidence that marketing grows business
  • Creating space for the exchange of ideas, challenges and best practice
  • Nurturing their global networks and encouraging connections because this is when and how the big ideas and the good stuff happens.

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