Supported by The Marketors’ Trust: Museum of Brands talk reviews

This is a review of recent talks in the Museum’s 2019 professional development programme, which is being supported by The Marketors’ Trust.

10th June: Science of Memory Making in Advertising


10th June Event

In an evening talk held at the Museum of Brands, Dr Hamish McPharlin, Head of insight at BBC Global News, spoke about the ‘Science of memory making in advertising’, enhancing our understanding of what makes a brand story impactful and enduring in the minds of our consumers. He shared findings from the award-winning research undertaken by the BBC and explored the methods used to measure how emotion in storytelling works to imprint itself in long term memory and increase the equity of a brand.

McPharlin explained that “Tapping into the secret of long-term memory is hugely powerful for telling brand stories. If we can create content that will be encoded into a consumer’s long-term memory the more likely they are to recall that brand when they’re looking to buy.”

McPharlin concluded the talk with a fascinating Q&A session, allowing his audience, including representatives from Nelson’s Remedies and Cognita, to discuss and reflect on the content covered.

Overall, both the talk and Science of Memory study provided invaluable insights that all attendees will be able to take away and apply to their work, gaining an invaluable insight into how to create memorable and emotionally engaging content.

17th June: Nudge, Shove or Shock

Alex Aiken, Executive Director of the Government Communications Service, spoke on 100 Years of Public Health and Safety Messages at the Museum of Brands. The talk centred around the three phases of public service marketing motives across the past century, moving chronologically to view marketing tactics that shoved, shocked, and of recent, nudged. Beginning with the creation of the printing press and the democratisation of information distribution, Aiken took us to the present, where new mediums of reaching the public must be explored as technology redevelops accessibility.

Aiken delivered a human centric view of marketing, encouraging the integration of public participation in developing a marketing campaign. Conversation focused on the honour of serving the public, and the sense of duty to fellow citizens’ wellbeing.

A lively Q&A followed, in which audience members considered topics including future uses of AI and what government marketing must address in the near future. The large audience included representatives from the NHS, the Civil Service, M&C Saatchi and Forster. Mr Aiken finished by impressing upon the audience the importance of building trust through marketing, and a future in which the main goal of public service marketing is building unity between citizens.

24th June: Create the Perfect Brand


24th June event

Paul Hitchens, Brand Consultant, TEDx Speaker and Author visited the Museum of Brands to deliver an innovative evening workshop on how to ‘Create the Perfect Brand’.

Hitchens began the night by noting that “we’ve been branding since the dawn of time”, and the past, present and future of any brand are key to its development. He asked us to “Imagine your company as a person, what would they be like?”, before explaining that to succeed a brand must:

  • Differentiate, and offer something unique
  • Connect and evoke emotion
  • Offer added value, and a promise of quality
  • Change and continue to innovate

A key discussion followed on the importance of values to a brand, and the necessity of standing for something. Paul reminded us to consider the words of CEO Amazon, Jeff Bezos, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room”.

Hitchens ended the workshop with a lively Q&A session, with questions from the audience, including representatives from Discovery Inc., Honey Creative, WaterAid and the Salvation Army. Overall the evening provided a fantastic insight from an industry expert, perfect for all of us working towards creating the perfect brand.

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