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...And help make marketing more relevant to businesses and society

We are all inspired by the power of marketing to achieve business and social good. But as a Marketor, how can you help? We are running a series of Thought Leadership blogs written by Marketors to achieve this by influencing the conversation around marketing, raising the level of professionalism and the power of marketing in business and fundamentally making marketing fit for the Boardroom.

Blogs should be a personal perspective or insight (not an academic piece), be around 400-900 words long and seek to provoke a healthy debate on the topic. They will be published on our channels (Marketor, website, LinkedIN) and also placed in relevant media titles. They will be credited to the writer.

Please send proposed synopses to Omaid Hiwaizi ( of the Education & Knowledge Development Committee, which will curate the range of topics, the order of themes and coordinate with authors on the final drafting. We plan to publish one per month.

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