School children learn about life at sea at HMS St Albans

The HMS St Albans returned to Portsmouth on Tuesday 28th March and docked there before and during the Easter holiday period. During this time, it was decided to open up the ship for school children to visit and learn about what a day would be like for crew members on the HMS St Albans.

Learning about life on the HMS St Albans

32 children were selected from schools throughout Portsmouth to take part in the visit, all of whom have parents that serve in the Armed Forces. The idea of the visit was to give the children a taste of what a day looks like for those serving on board the Type 23 frigate HMS St Albans. They were shown around the ship by the crew, including the equipment on board the ship, the main operations room, upper deck and the bridge, to build a full picture of the different job roles on the ship/

Why give the children this opportunity?

Lieutenant Commander James Thompson, Logistics Officer for HMS St Albans, gave his thoughts about why they wanted to offer this opportunity to the school children. He said that the main reason for the visit was to allow the children to “get a real feel for the environment where their mums or dads work”.

This is not the only time that HMS St Albans has been opened up for educational visits like this either. In fact, The Naval Families Federation work with local schools and after-school clubs to provide educational opportunities like this. Lieutenant Thompson elaborated that “[a visit like this] explains a lot more than any phone call or video link when we’re deployed.”

What has 2017 involved for HMS St Albans?

So far this year, HMS St Albans has begun the year as the Royal Navy’s fleet ready escort. This means that the ship is responsible for being the first to react to any tasks given by the UK Government. Although all Royal Navy ships can sail at short notice to protect the UK and home waters, HMS St Albans is in a unique position to act first, whether it’s defending infrastructure like windfarms, fishing areas or oil, or greater security threats.

Other recent events

Other recent events that HMS St Albans has been involved in include celebrating International Women’s Day and the National Apprenticeship week. For these events HMS St Albans travelled to London and spent 4 days docked to take part in events and educate visitors more about the Royal Navy and their personal experiences.

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