Palm Sunday

Marketors Contemplate Holy Week

You know how it is. You’re out for your daily exercise and practising social distancing. Then zoom – a jogger passes within a centimetre of your shoulder and before you can cry out “2 metres!” they’ve disappeared.

It’s always the joggers. But is it? In her virtual sermon for Palm Sunday this week, Marketors’ Chaplain Alison Joyce points out that those panic buying and ignoring social distancing can also be those volunteering to help the vulnerable and caring for their neighbours.

We all have the potential to join crowds of adulation and crowds baying for blood. Which was, says Alison in her Palm Sunday sermon, the people’s dual reaction to Jesus during Holy Week.

St Bride’s virtual services offer Marketors a chance to pause for a moment and consider those most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Those who cannot console or comfort suffering loved ones. Exhausted and despairing medical staff. The isolated housebound. The bereaved unable to attend funerals. Those concerned about what the future may hold.

You can find the Palm Sunday Choral Eucharist with the Chaplain’s sermon at


During Holy Week, St Bride’s is offering a number of choral services online:

Maundy Thursday 9th April

6:00 PM - Choral Eucharist: Maundy Thursday

Good Friday 10th April

12:00 PM - Good Friday Devotions: Pergolesi's Stabat Mater

1:00 PM - Good Friday Devotions: Devotional words and music

2:00 PM - Good Friday Devotions: Stainer's Crucifixion

Easter Sunday 12th April

11:00 AM - Choral Eucharist: Easter Day

5:30 PM - Choral Evensong with Sermon in Music

To listen to these, please click on

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