Liveryman Phil Andrew raises over £2000 for the Marketors Trust

Liveryman Phil Andrew enjoys a challenge especially if it is for a worthy cause. After a conversation with John Hooper CBE, the Chairman of the Marketors’ Trust about funding sources it struck Phil that the Company could widen out fund raising activities and increase general awareness of the Marketors’ Trust at the same time.

His solution was extreme, well almost! Phil had heard of ‘ultra events’ and wondered if he was physically capable of completing such an event. He read about a 100km (62 miles) walk from London to Brighton in less than 24 hours that almost goes past his house, it seemed the perfect opportunity to try a new fund raising mechanism for the Marketors and test his physical fitness.

Therefore, early on the 23rd May Phil set out on the London 2 Brighton challenge. There’s no denying it – this is a tough challenge by anyone’s standards. It is physically and emotionally demanding. Participants have to combat fatigue and tiring limbs as they battle through the challenge.

Phil did brilliantly completing the ultimate charity endurance walk and achieving his fundraising target. He says “walking 103km in 21½ hours with only two 10 minute stops was right at the edge of my physical capability and it did take a few days to get over. However, having raised over £2,000, mainly from people and organisations that had never heard of the Marketors’ Trust it was definitely worth it”

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