Is this marketing for social good?

This may make raise a smile in these bleak times ….. 

My wife Carol has had to close her patchwork & quilting shop today ( for obvious reasons.

Our daughter Danielle is also at home she put her social media skills to work in order to try to conjure up some business by advertising quilting material online (Etsy, Ebay etc)

Carol sells pieces of material by the subject.

Among other things she advertises strips of material  "……… Little Mermaid, Floral and Pirate strips - £5”

However, whether it was spellcheck or bad typing it appeared as…..

“ …….  Little Mermaid, Floral and Private strips - £5”

She has had an awful lot of replies!!!! But mainly from men!

Ah! the power of online marketing

Andrew J. Cross
Immediate Past Master

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