HMS St Albans – Marketors’ Cup

The Master, Andrew Marsden, presented the Marketor’ Cup to AB (SEA) Charlotte Dodds on HMS St Albans in Portsmouth on the morning of the 26th September. The Cup is awarded annually to a member of the Ship’s Company who has done most to raise the profile of HMS ST ALBANS and/or the Royal Navy.The citation read – “Twice in the last 12 months, AB Dodds, as a key member of HMS ST ALBANS’ seamanship team, has been involved in search and rescue activity, which has brought the Ship into the public eye in a positive light. During a visit to London at the end of 2014, Dodds was involved in a boarding demonstration when HMS ST ALBANS was asked to assist in the hunt for a person who had fallen from Tower Bridge. As a new coxswain with very little experience, Dodds conducted a thorough co-ordinated search of the river under the direction of the Police, demonstrating the professionalism and capability of HMS ST ALBANS to outside agencies including the Port of London Authority and Metropolitan Police.

On a second occasion, in the lead up to Operational Sea Training this year, AB Dodds, along with other members of the team, were tasked at short notice to assist in the search for two divers who had been missing for some time in the vicinity of Plymouth Sound. Dodds took control of her boat and team well and promptly located the two divers who were found to be well outside the initial search area and were stranded on Plymouth Breakwater. They were assisted into the boat, offered first aid and were promptly taken to safety. This rescue received significant coverage in local media adding to the good name of HMS ST ALBANS and demonstrating the versatility of a Royal Navy Frigate.”

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