Great start to 2020 for the Museum of Brands’ talks, supported by The Marketors’ Trust

Below are the reviews of the first three events in the Museum of Brands’ 2020 professional development programme for career marketers.

20th January: How to Name your Brand (image above)

Madelyn Postman, MD Leidar UK, and Jandan Aliss, Trade Mark Attorney and Senior Associate at Lane IP, shared their expertise at the Museum of Brands.

Madelyn began by considering brand name types, and how names can reflect the heart, values and function of brands. She also noted the importance of names that are future-proof and allow growth, as well as the pros and cons of brand renaming.

Jandan continued to discuss trademarking, and what can be trademarked, including words, images, sounds and even smells – we were surprised to discover the fresh grass smell of tennis balls is trademarked!  She also explored the relevance of trademarks, and how to use and protect them.

The talk culminated with an enlightening summary of the brand naming process, from initial research into brand identity, function and competitors, to ultimately reducing options to a final, unique name. 

The evening ended with an active Q&A session with questions from a lively audience, including representatives from Matter of Form, Cohere Partners and Mobas.

17th February: LGBT+ Representation in the Media

Angus Wyatt, Chair of 4Pride, Channel 4’s LGBT+ network, gave an evening talk at the Museum of Brands exploring LGBT+ representation in the media.

Angus explained that Channel 4 was set up to represent the diversity of culture in the United Kingdom and challenge perceptions. Today they continue to work to improve diversity both on and off-screen, following three essential routes:

  • Creating a more inclusive workforce
  • Ensuring onscreen portrayals are not only diverse, but authentic
  • Striving to remain a driving force for diversity in the industry as a whole

Angus went on to note that today we are past “first representations” of LGBT+ characters in the media, and now prioritise accurate representations. Given that we watch on average 30 minutes of advertisements per day, Angus also observed the importance of inclusive and representative adverts too, as encouraged by the Channel 4 Diversity in Advertising Awards. 

The evening ended with a Q&A session and lively conversation between audience members, including representatives from Cancer Research UK, The National Lottery Community Fund, and Celebro Media.

24th February: Brand Storytelling with Story Cube

Michael Murdoch of The House, gave an evening talk at the Museum of Brands on Brand Storytelling, and the Story Cube formula he created with Robbie Dale to help brands tell their story.

Michael explained that a brand’s story should be its foundation and key to forming a strategy. He also noted that it is crucial for entrepreneurs to always have this story ready to present as opportunity may arise at any time, but also that stories must be adaptable, able to reflect the different needs and interests of your customers as you connect with them.

We then explored the Story Cube formula itself, considering brand motivations, problems and obstacles, solutions, connections and differentiators, which Michael observed form the primary questions every brand must address to accurately and effectively tell their story and build towards long-term success.

Michael concluded the event with a lively Q&A session, with questions from a large audience including several engaged groups of students, and representatives from Brandformula, Pineapple Hotels and Matter of Form.

Forthcoming talks (Time for all 18:30-21:00) include:

9th March: Design for Equal

The design workforce is only 22% female, and even fewer women are in leadership roles. Kelly Mackenzie, the founder and Creative Director of the majority female branding agency White Bear Studio, wants to share her urgency for women and other minorities to shout their ideas loud in their workplace.

7th April: #Censored: The Problems with Social Media Content Moderation

Dr. Ysabel Gerrard, Lecturer in Digital Media and Society at the University of Sheffield, will share insights on social media content moderation: the process of deciding what content gets to stay on social media and what should be removed. Ysabel will also discuss her recent work with Facebook and Instagram’s policy teams to restrict advertisements for weight loss and cosmetic surgery products.

27th April: Using Humour in Brand Communication

Semiotician and amateur stand-up comedian Chris Arning will tell us how and why humour is so pervasive in culture today. Based on some ground-breaking research done for the BBC which involved identifying humour types across consumer generated content, Chris shows how humour may be understood analytically; dissecting content from ad campaigns to politics to memes.

11th May: Decoding the Face to Unlock Audiences

Adrianne Carter will be speaking about Facial Expressions of Emotion, how to recognise emotions, what emotions mean in campaigns and the impact of faces and the perception of audiences.  She will also talk about how to create marketing/advertising campaigns that resonate with audiences across the world.  Authenticity and alignment in the models used adds the sparkle to a brand campaign.

For information on how to book, visit the Members’ section of our website.

The Museum’s professional development programme is generously supported by The Marketor’s Trust @marketors 

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