The Livery Schools Link is once again holding an Annual Careers Showcase, this year in conjunction with the City of London Corporation who are holding a Careers Festival Week.

In 2018 the showcase involved 30 separate livery companies all promoting their crafts, professions, services… to over 1,000 secondary school students. It was very successful.

This month the Marketors will have a stand at the event for the first time to support this initiative and to promote marketing careers to the visiting pupils.

The event runs from 09:30hrs until 16.00hrs on Wednesday 19th June at Guildhall, with schools coming through for approximately 90 minute sessions. A team of Marketors have been pulling together content to engage the children and provide information on the amazing array of marketing careers and qualifications available on leaving school.

The Master and Senior Warden are volunteering time as are others from the Knowledge Development Committee, Outreach Committee and elsewhere across the Company.

This is superb opportunity to support this Livery and City initiative, as well as promote the profession of marketing to the next generation of potential Marketors members!

Marketor volunteers are welcome to come forward to offer 1 to 2 hours of your time to attend the stand and answer questions about marketing from the school children. If you could give up some of your day to be at Guildhall and work a ’shift’ please contact Outreach Volunteer Director, Philippa Seal -