Julia Morley

Liveryman Julia Morley to be played by Keeley Hawes in movie ‘Misbehaviour’

Liveryman Julia Morley will be played by Keeley Hawes in the upcoming movie ‘Misbehaviour’ which will begin filming in late November about the 1970 Miss World contest that triggered a feminist revolution.

Mrs Morley, wife of organiser Eric Morley was a young Miss World executive at the time when the competition was flour bombed by a group of ‘Women’s Libbers’ which caused compere Bob Hope to run to the wings. It is reported that Julia grabbed Hope by the ankles so he couldn’t run away. The movie will also star Keira Knightley and War & Peace’s Jessie Buckley as the lead protesters and Rhys Ifans has been cast to play Eric Morley. 
When Eric died in 2000, Julia took full control of the Miss World organisation.

Described as a ‘very steely, sophisticated woman inhabiting a tough male world’, by Misbehaviour producer Suzanne Mackie, Julia updated the show and kept it up with the times after the demonstration. ‘She was a very pragmatic woman and was prepared to change the show and how the women were presented,’ Mackie said.

As Chairman of Miss World, Julia Morley introduced ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ which raises money in support of sick and disadvantaged children.  It is clear Morley’s true passion lies in philanthropy and humanitarian work. Founded in 1972, the project has empowered contestants to use their abilities to make real and lasting contributions to the lives of the sick and disadvantaged. Eight countries participated in its inaugural year and now, every Miss World entrant, from about 120 nations, is involved. Hundreds of millions of pounds have been raised and donated to making tangible changes the world over. 

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