Chaplain Alison Solves Dilemma

The good news this week is that at long last, from Monday 15 June, churches in England should be open for private prayer. And from Saturday 4 July, there might be a full re-opening! Why, you might wonder, is socially distanced prayer in church only now being contemplated?

In her sermons for Trinity Sunday (click here to listen), Marketors’ Chaplain The Reverend Canon Dr Alison Joyce discusses another dilemma - understanding the Holy Trinity.

Apparently Trinity Sunday gained a certain notoriety at her Theological College. Students were inundated with requests from local vicars to visit their churches to preach – but mostly just for Trinity Sunday! She deduced that the Trinity was the trickiest sermon topic – how do you describe that relationship?

As an analogy, she remembers a curious painting of a previous vicar at her Edgbaston parish. Wherever you walked in the church, the subject’s head actually turned to look at you! It was similar to the work of Dutch graphic artist M. C. Escher, depicting images that appear to be impossible.

She suggests though, that the concept of Father, Son and Holy Spirit is actually quite simple. The connection between the Three is one of love – which floods the world and transforms lives. Rather than theorise about how they work together, the wisest and safest response is to step back, slightly bewildered and say “Wow!”

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