The Marketors was founded as a Guild in 1975 and we were granted our Letters Patent as a Livery company on 13th December 1977. Few of those who founded the Company are still with us and so under the auspices of the Heritage Committee it was decided to capture recollections of some senior Past masters as part of the oral history of the Company. The following videos were recorded on 21st January 2013.

1. Introduction by Alderman Sir Paul Judge, Master 2005

2. Why is recording of the history of the Company important?

3. Can you describe the founding of the Company?

4. What motivated the founders?

5. What were the early days of the Company like?

6. How does the Company of Marketors differ from some of the older liveries?

7. How did you first get involved with the Company?

8. Can you describe your year as Master?

9. How would you most like your year as Master to be remembered?

10. How has the profession of marketing changed over the years?

11. Is the Company still doing good things today?

12. How has the Company’s reputation in the City evolved over the years?

13. What advice would you give to future Masters?

Featuring the following Past Masters interviewed by Past Master Venetia Howes, the first lady master of the Company in 2010:
  • Austin Nunn, Master 1985
    Austin is one of the 7 founders of the Company. As Master he introduced 5-year planning
  • Harry Druce, Master 1989
    His year as Master coincided with the 800th anniversary of the Mayoralty. He organised a highly successful concert at the Guildhall which raised over £40,000 for charity
  • Gerald Draper OBE, Master 1990
    As Master he raised the outreach activities of the Company, working with institutions such as St Paul’s Cathedral, which he encouraged to balance its books by charging admission
  • Tom Corrigan OBE, Master 1995
    As the Past Master of two other livery companies, the Stationers and the Playing Card Makers, he brought a new discipline to the finances of the Company
  • Brian Scanlon, Master 1996
    An engineer by training, he recruited our first female Clerk, Gaye Duffy
  • David Collischon, Master 2003
    David led the project to update all the policies and procedures

Produced by Past Master David Pearson, Chairman of the Heritage Committee 2011-12

Filmed and produced by Electrofilm Ltd