Heritage Committee

In a forward looking company there is a danger that we might easily neglect to record our past and present achievements and it is in the tradition of all livery companies to make a special effort to carefully document their progress, often over many hundreds of years.

The Marketors is a newer Company, only founded as a Guild in 1975, but nevertheless we have established a substantial archive comprising Regalia, Treasure and a written record, much preserved for posterity in beautiful leather bound books. The main purpose of Treasure in a livery company is to have it displayed and preferably to embellish our events, selected pieces chosen to grace our dining tables at formal functions.

Unfortunately, unlike some other companies we do not have our own hall and the opportunities for extensive display of our company’s possessions are therefore limited. However, many items such as our ceremonial sword, banner, gowns, badges, and loving cups are used on a regular basis and taken by the Beadle to the particular livery hall where we are holding our event. Our mother hall is Stationers, and when holding events there we can more easily use additional items on table or to form a display. The Heritage Committee is responsible for the storage, preservation and maintenance of the Company’s ‘Treasure’ and many other important artifacts and records.

The current Chairman is Court Assistant Jane Wharam, who took over from Court Assistant David Williams in January 2017. Jane has served previously on the Heritage Committee for several years.

The Heritage Committee aims to preserve, via its archivist, the history of the Company on a continuous basis by collecting, annotating and cataloguing all the written and visual records covering all aspects of the Company’s activities year by year. Reflecting the technological developments of recent years, the Company has created a new digital archive by scanning all our past records and with all new documentation also scanned or else added digitally, this will eventually provide easier access for research or information when linked to this main website.

Many of the significant items of Treasure were presented to the Company in its early formative years by the Founder Members, some of whom are listed below, together with other donors, with their donated gifts.

  • Letter Patent and Mayor Seal – City of London
  • Silver Loving Cups (x2) – T Bellm
  • Master’s Silver Cup – W Starkey , D Bonnett, C Myers
  • St George’s Table Flags – D Thomas
  • Founder Master’s Badge – R Randolph
  • Master’s Badge and Chain – IoM
  • Bust of Founder Master – E McPhie
  • Clerks Badge – T Foley
  • Crystal Loving Cup – P King
  • Liverymen’s Medallion – Anon
  • Silver Loving Cup – D F
  • Short Warden’s Badges – Anon
  • Silver Loving Cup – L Smith
  • Court Assistant’s Badge – Court Members
  • Silver Punchbowl – T Kennedy
  • Wooden Lectern and Gold Pen – H Druce
  • Banner and Pole – R C
  • Swift Glass Goblet – G Naylor
  • Sword of Honour – R Randolph
  • 25 Silver Gilt Name Place Stands – G Naylor
  • Beadle’s Staff – D C
  • Gold and Silver Rose Bowl – Elizabeth Russell Jones
  • Master’s Crystal Golf Trophy – B Hinksman
  • Marketor’s Table Flag and Stand – D Thomas
  • Robes: Clerk, Master, Beadle, Warden
  • Livery Gown – W R Bowden
  • Founder Master’s Candelabra (x2) – Jean Bowden-Rose
  • Selection of Books and Records documenting the history of the Company
  • Peter Gadsden Plate with Armorial Bearings – Sir Peter Gadsden
  • Silver Inkstand and Pen – Sir Peter Gadsden

The Committee’s Work

The Committee wishes to attract members with particular interest in the history of the Company or the wider Livery in the City of London. The Committee is broadly engaged on issues and activities relating to the Company’s Heritage – specifically Treasure, Apparel, Archives, History, Regalia and Merchandise.

Typical tasks and responsibilities, some shared supporting the Clerk and Beadle:

  • Annually auditing the Company’s Treasure per the most up to date list of treasure held.
  • Implementing the safe storage and refurbishment of items of Treasure and making recommendations to Court as to packaging, disposals or relocation.
  • Replacing lost items.
  • Maintaining an up to date History of the Company including facilitation of Master’s Year Books.
  • Maintaining and renewing the Company’s robes.
  • Periodically updating the names on the Master’s chain.
  • Ensuring that the Company’s archives are regularly updated with printed material, including newsletters, directories and brochures, and the Company’s administrative and financial records in liaison with the Clerk.
  • Arranging with bookbinders for leather binding or ordering of additional leather storage cases subject to financial provision.
  • Ensuring that the Company’s archives are scanned digitally, up to date and correctly stored.
  • Recommending additions and changes to regalia.
  • Designing, ordering and marketing the Company’s merchandise and making recommendations regarding changes, additions or disposals of stock.
  • Recommending and managing annual budgetary provision