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Professional Mentoring Programme

The Worshipful Company of Marketors is a City of London livery company dedicated to supporting Marketing professionals.

One of our roles is to help talented individuals to develop careers and decision making skills via a high-level, confidential mentoring service.

WCM’s mentors are chosen to match your career situation – and your aspirations. Hands-on successful leaders can help you from early-year start-ups to hiring your next CMO.

And the service is free!

How does it work?

Simply contact the Chair of our Professional Mentoring Programme, Peter Rosenvinge ( or 07905 903403) for full details.

We’ll listen to your situation and if we can, suggest a Marketor Mentor. If you agree, an initial meeting will discuss your needs and aspirations – and your Mentor will give you some first ideas.

You’ll schedule relationship-building mentoring reviews for up to 12 months.

So, if you’d like to gain insights and confidence to enhance your marketing career – contact the WCM Professional Mentoring Programme today!

Mentoring can help with all these questions:

  • How can I boost my presence within the organisation and marketplace?
  • How do I negotiate the corporate ladder?
  • Can I do my job more effectively and build my own brand?
  • How do I build my skills for future promotion?
  • Which contacts can I identify to broaden my industry perspective and expand my circle of influence?
  • Can I gain respect via a professional organisation?
  • How do I get feedback about my work?
  • Can a Mentor provide emotional support and be a sounding board for challenging decisions and presentations?
  • Can I find a more interesting and challenging job?

Following new partnerships with the CIM’s Levitt Group and the University of Greenwich, we are now very short of mentors and would ask any members of the Marketors who are interested to come forward. From students to mature marketing professionals we have a range of mentees looking for mentors and the feedback from our Mentors is that it is a great and enriching experience and fun too.

Recently the Worshipful Company of Marketors held an online event "A Guide to Career Mentoring”. To watch this discussion, hosted by Chairman of the Professional Mentoring Programme Court Assistant Peter Rosenvinge and Paul Armfield from the University of Greenwhich please click on the this link – A Guide to Career Mentoring

Mutual Mentoring

We are looking to broaden the Worshipful Company of Marketors’ Mentoring Programme to facilitate ‘Mutual Mentoring’, not least to reflect the skills brought by the many younger members recently joining the Company. This aims to:

  1. Connect two members, both with a passion for marketing and self-development.
  2. Both parties to garner and acknowledge benefits from this experience i.e. both the mentor and mentee.
  3. The mentor will be demonstratively more experienced and probably in the latter stages of their exposure to current ‘front line’ day to day activities.
  4. The mentee will be a less experienced member who is actively involved day to day at the ‘front line’ and is developing their career with exposure to new and innovative business practices.

Interested? Please contact the Chair of the Mentoring Programme, Peter Rosenvinge, for more information.

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