Lead Almoner: Past Master Sue Garland Worthington

We provide, first and foremost, a confidential befriending service to any Marketor who is facing life’s most difficult times such as illness (physical or mental), bereavement, unemployment, relationship breakdown or loneliness. Whether you are directly affected or caring for someone who is going through it, we are here to support you. 

While not professional counsellors we can provide a listening ear, a phone call from time to time or a visit. You can be put in touch with the Chaplain (there are no religious or faith pre-requisites) and with the Marketors’ Trust, which can provide financial assistance to 

Members and their dependents ‘in necessitous circumstances’. 


David Cowell
Diane Morris
Harry Druce
John Reid
John Fisher
Ian Ryder
Venetia Howes
Angela White Horan
Prof Mike Jones